As of January 2024, Tokyo Ink Group become 'artience'

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. is changing its name to artience Co., Ltd. as of January 1, 2024.

With a strong determination to transform itself into a group that delivers pioneering value through cutting-edge technology to people around the world, the entire group will work in unison to create value that resonates with the senses and build a future where all people can live enriched lives.

Empowering Feeling

brand promise Creating value that resonates with the senses and building a future where all people can live enriched lives

What is needed to achieve a sustainable and bright future?
We believe that it is the realization of a society in which all people can live enriched lives.

Our role is to connect various technologies and ideas, leading society to the solutions to its problems.
Instead of going it alone, we will deliver beauty, comfort and peace of mind that fills people's hearts
by collaborating and joining forces with our partners.

We will create value that resonates with people's senses,
from the things they see, the objects they touch, and what they feel through product quality,
continually taking on the challenge of building an enriched future.

* Senses: The activity of the mind and emotions in response to external stimulation.
A person's ability to feel things due to stimuli such as beauty, comfort, texture and so on.

slogan Empowering Feeling

artience group's slogan incorporates two ideas.
The first is the idea that the “senses inspire possibilities,” and the other is the belief in the “group's ability to heighten people's senses.”
Through optimum solutions that resonate with the senses, we will empower and inspire partners brand owners and consumers, continually taking on the challenge of new possibilities.

message Working with partners build a future where all people can live enriched lives

Satoru Takashima President and Representative Director, Group CEO

Since the company's founding in 1896, the Toyo Ink Group has been providing products that meet the social needs of each era based on its core technologies in pigments, resins and dispersion. Amidst a rapidly changing social environment, we are working to ensure continued growth and at the same time do our part to facilitate advancement in our new era. To this end we are changing our corporate philosophy system, redefining the value we provide as “value that resonates with the senses.”

Together with our customers and business partners, artience group strives to create value resonates with people's senses by refining the “value” that it offers in the form of emotions evoked by those feelings generated from surprise, excitement and comfort (“art” value). At the same time, we constantly take up new challenges, reinforcing user trust in its solutions by delivering functionality and high quality that are backed by its proven technology (“science” value).

By way of “value that resonates with the senses,” which artience group create together with its partners, the group continually taking on the challenge of building a future where all people can live enriched lives, as we work to resolve social issues impacting both our customers and the greater society.

about brand name artience

artience is a portmanteau of the words “art” and “science.”
The “art” expresses the stimulation of the five senses and the mind, including the application of color as well as a liberal arts perspective; while the “science” represents the application of technology, materials and a rational approach to discovery.
It expresses the idea that the group will contribute to realizing a future in which everyone can live enriched lives, by providing society with “value that resonates with the senses” and that moves people's hearts and minds. This value is born from the fusion and refinement of the group's strengths in art and science.

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