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TOYOCHEM develops low-odor, low-VOC pressure sensitive adhesives suitable for interior materials

~ Succeeded in reducing T-VOC to less than one-tenth of conventional products and suppressing pressure sensitive adhesives odor ~

TOYOCHEM CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director: Toshinori Machida, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a low-odor and low-VOC pressure sensitive adhesive suitable for interior materials "ORIBAIN" ™ EXK 21-046" has been developed.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are one of the causes of air pollution, and as environmental awareness increases, efforts are being made to tighten emission regulations around the world. Additionally, since VOCs are said to cause sick building syndrome and chemical sensitivity, low-VOC materials are essential, especially for interior applications.
Furthermore, with the development of EVs and self-driving technology, automobile interiors are increasingly becoming "living spaces," and demand for low-odor, low-VOC materials is increasing in search of a more comfortable environment. The need for low odor and low VOC products has become a global trend.

The ORIBAIN™ EXK 21-046, developed by TOYOCHEM, has reduced T-VOCs to less than one-tenth of conventional products, resulting in low odor and VOC suitable for interior materialsIt is an pressure sensitive adhesive. Conventional low-VOC pressure sensitive adhesivesAlthough VOC13 substances were reduced, T-VOCs that remained in trace amounts after the drying process were a factor in the odor. This product has succeeded in achieving both viscosity, T-VOC reduction, and odor reduction, which were difficult until now, by using our proprietary polymerization and blending technologies and viscoelastic control technologies. By using it for interior applications such as houses and automobiles, it contributes to the realization of a more comfortable living space.

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TOYOCHEM aims to be a company that can contribute to solving social issues around the world through the provision of products and services born from elemental technology created from unique polymer technology.

VOC13 substances and T-VOC

There are approximately 200 types of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has set guideline values for indoor concentrations for 13 of them, as well as indoor concentration levels for T-VOCs, which is the concentration level of a mixture of multiple VOCs. This shows the provisional target value.
One of the causes of unpleasant odors such as tapes and adhesives comes from VOC components. By reducing the VOC contained in pressure sensitive adhesives, odors can be suppressed at the same time.

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