Development policy/system

Development policy

artience group aims to expand its business areas and create new businesses by further strengthening its research and development system, with the aim of realizing a ``spiritually enriched society'' and a ``sustainable society.'' To this end, we will expand our material design technology for colorants and polymers, which are our unique core materials, process technology such as dispersion and coatings technology, and analysis technology that supports our products, while also expanding into new scientific fields. We have restructured our company-wide R&D structure in order to achieve this goal.
In this process, we will build and apply data-driven methodologies using DX to improve the efficiency and sophistication of research and development.We will also use sensor digital tools, computational science, and simulation in production process development. Utilizing this technology, we can grasp the feasibility of scale-up in new product development using actual production equipment, predict the occurrence of quality fluctuations, and predict the optimal production process conditions, thereby realizing a speedy and seamless transition to commercialization of development results. .
At the same time, we are promoting "open" R&D that not only utilizes in-house knowledge but also aims to meet and integrate diverse external knowledge.In particular, in the fields of the environment, IT, and biotechnology, which are rapidly evolving, we are promoting external R&D. Through open innovation with institutions, we will promote the strengthening of intellectual capital through constant exposure to the world's most cutting-edge research and development.

Technology Platform

Development system

We have a development system divided into three tiers: short- and medium-term development based on business activities at operating company technology departments/laboratories, and long-term development by the holdings research institute with an eye on the group's future business. We aim to create sustainable innovation through technological synergies between each organization.

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