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The Artience Group provides total support for each process of package production, from plate making to printing and post-processing. Whether you want to create environmentally friendly packaging, differentiate yourself with packaging that appeals to the senses of sight or touch, or create safe and secure packaging that is convenient and human-friendly, we provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers regarding packaging production.

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Environmental solutions

I want to create packaging that is friendly to the global environment.
Amidst the global need to reduce environmental impact, the role of packaging is also changing significantly. There is a need to reduce the environmental impact not only of the materials used, but also throughout the entire life cycle, including packaging manufacturing processes such as processing, transportation, and disposal.
artience group proposes solutions that reduce CO2 emissions not only from the materials used but also from each process such as ink production, printing, and lamination.

design solutions

I want to differentiate myself with packaging that appeals to the senses of sight and touch.
Beautiful printing increases product value and makes it stand out.
At artience group, we provide a total solution of highly designed materials and optimal plate-making and printing methods, and respond to requests such as expressing more vivid colors and adding texture and three-dimensionality to printed materials. .

functional solution

We want to create packaging that is convenient, people-friendly, safe, and secure.
Packages are required to have a variety of functions, including waterproof and stain-proof functions to protect the contents, anti-static functions, and UV-cut functions to prevent the contents from deteriorating and contribute to reducing food loss.
artience group offers a variety of solutions that enhance the convenience and safety of your packaging.





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