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color masterbatches

TOYOCOLOR 's color masterbatches are available in a variety of shapes, including pellets, powders, and pastes, depending on the type of plastic used by the customer and the molding method. In addition, we select raw materials that are suitable for the quality requirements that differ depending on the market and application, such as building materials, food, and medical, and take into account formulation designs that comply with various laws and regulations. provide color.

Product lineup

Silk-like polymer alloy masterbatches

frosted masterbatches

Silk-like polymer alloy masterbatches masterbatches and compounds that express silk-like luster by applying polymer alloy technology. It provides a design that combines high color saturation and brilliance.
frosted masterbatches masterbatches allows you to create molded products that look like frosted glass without processing the surface of the mold.
Infrared transparent black masterbatches By transmitting infrared rays that would be absorbed by conventional black pigments, it enables color separation using infrared rays, contributing to improved sortability during recycling.
Anti-yellowing masterbatches A highly dispersed titanium oxide masterbatches developed based on advanced pigments dispersion technology and material development technology. Excellent in suppressing yellowing caused by titanium.
Low shrinkage pigments masterbatches Low-shrinkage pigments masterbatches do not cause warping or distortion of molded parts. High dispersion and excellent color stability. It is a US FDA approved product.


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