Biomass packaging solution

Amid trends such as accelerating environmental regulations in each country and increasing environmental awareness among general consumers, environmental response has become an even more important issue in the fields of containers, packaging, and packaging.
Products manufactured using "biomass" material, which is a plant-derived resource, as part of the raw material are called biomass products, and the proportion of the biomass material in the dry weight of the product is expressed as the biomass content. artience group has a lineup of many biomass products including various inks and adhesives used in packaging.
artience group supports each and every one of you in your efforts to protect the global environment with biomass products.

Biomass raw materials used for printing inks
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Customer adoption example: Calbee Co., Ltd.

Calbee Co., Ltd. has been working on environmental measures such as reducing the weight of packaging in order to realize a sustainable society. In 2019, to commemorate our 70th anniversary, we adopted new packaging for our two core brands, Kappa Ebisen and Potato Chips, using our biomass ink printed on craft packaging material.

Kappa Ebisen potato chips 70th anniversary package

Customer's voice

Calbee Co., Ltd. Marketing Division Product Department 1 Manager Kenichi Misawa
As we approach our 70th anniversary, we thought, ``To express our gratitude to our customers who have patronized us over the years, we would like to offer products that will allow them to experience the evolution of Calbee.'' We have decided to release a product that is an evolution of the two brands that we have been supporting, ``Kappa Ebisen'' and ``Potato Chips.'' We printed biomass ink on a kraft paper-based package in hopes of expressing gratitude for ingredients and consideration for the global environment. We would like to continue to create printing and packaging that is considerate of the global environment, including biomass inks.

Benefits of biomass packaging

Carbon neutral concept
Ink manufactured using plant-derived resources as part of its raw materials is called "biomass ink."
Since biomass ink absorbs CO 2 during the growth process of raw material plants, it is based on the concept of ``carbon neutral'', which does not increase the amount of CO 2 that causes global warming even if it is burned during disposal. Based on.

By using biomass ink, we can contribute to reducing CO 2 emissions and the amount of petroleum resources used. By displaying the biomass mark on the package, you can also appeal to consumers who pick up the product about your commitment to the environment.

Contributing to reducing the consumption of petroleum resources

Many of the raw materials used in general ink are derived from petroleum, and their quantities are limited. Biomass ink is made from sustainable plant-based raw materials and can reduce the use of petroleum resources.

You can promote environmental friendliness to consumers by displaying the biomass mark.

Our biomass ink has been certified as a biomass mark product by the Japan Organic Resources Association. By using biomass ink, it is possible to display the biomass mark and biomass content on the final product, thereby promoting to consumers that the product is environmentally friendly.

Introduction of biomass products

artience group has a lineup of many biomass products including various inks and adhesives used in packaging.

List of biomass certified products

The Toyo Ink Group's efforts in biomass products have been highly evaluated by external parties

  • 2018
    27th Global Environment Awards Minister of the Environment Award
    (Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through biomass product development)
  • 2017
    7th Biomass Product Promotion Achievement Award