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  • Established technology to deink UV-curable inks printed on plastic. Commercialized recycling of vending machine product sample sheets in 2025.



Established technology to deink UV-curable inks printed on plastic. Commercialized recycling of vending machine product sample sheets in 2025.

TOYO INK CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director Yanagi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has developed a deinking coating agent that can remove UV-curable inks printed on hard plastics. We are working on recycling product sample sheets from vending machines using this technology, and if commercialized, we will become the first manufacturer in Japan to develop UV-curable inks deinking system.

Printing on plastic plays an important role in displaying necessary information and enhancing the design, but it is difficult to separate from the base material and is one of the factors that hinders the promotion of recycling. In particular UV-curable inks used for printing on hard plastics has a hard and hardened coating, making it difficult to deink.However, TOYO INK has developed a deinking coating agent for UV-curable inks and has developed UV-curable inks deinking system. It has been established. By applying this coating agent between the plastic base material and UV-curable inks, UV-curable inks can be removed by alkaline treatment. The lineup includes two types: water-based (thermal drying) and UV-curable, and is compatible with various coating methods such as offset, flexo, resin letterpress, and coater.
As the first step in commercialization, we will collaborate with Kyodo Production Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director Masanori Tateishi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) to deink product sample sheets used in vending machines. Recycling of the main body of beverage containers is progressing, but it is extremely difficult to recycle product samples from vending machines, and currently there is no choice but to discard them. Efforts have been made to reduce plastic by converting product samples from three-dimensional dummy cans to PET flat sheets, but in addition, TOYO INK 's deinking coating agent is used when printing product sample sheets. This makes it possible to remove UV-curable inks and extract nearly transparent recycled plastic during recycling. We are currently conducting line tests for mass production, and are building a deinking system with the aim of commercialization in 25 years and full recycling in 30 years.

As a leading printing inks company, TOYO INK has been working to promote plastic resource circulation, such as recycling multi-layer film packaging, by developing technology to separate printing inks from base materials. . We will promote the recycling of used plastics and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

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