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Toyo-Morton, Ltd.

Lineup of laminating adhesives that comply with EU laws and regulations regarding packaging materials

Toyo Morton, Ltd. of the Toyo Ink Group ( President and Representative Director Yuichi Kobayashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a laminating adhesive that complies with EU laws and regulations on food contact materialsWe have a lineup. This makes it possible to handle a wide range of packaging materials, from light packaging for snacks and food to retort packaging.


Flexible packaging materials for food products are made by laminating laminating adhesives multiple films with different functions to provide protection and extended shelf life for food products. From the viewpoint of safety, laws and regulations concerning each material used in packaging materials are being tightened in Europe, the United States, and many other countries.
Toyo-Morton laminating adhesives The EU has particularly strict regulations, and it has been difficult to maintain the physical properties of products without using regulated chemical substances.

Toyo-Morton, as a ``lifestyle culture creation company,'' contributes to the enrichment and culture of people around the world by providing new solutions and value that contribute to the realization of safe and secure packaging.

Product Lineup

method Typical usage product name
(Resin-based/hardening agent-based)
EU China America Japan epoxy





No. 196

solvent type retort packaging TM-2300
Contains no Contains no
liquid packaging TM-2470
Contains no Contains no
Light packaging TM-3040
Contains no Contains no
Solvent-free type liquid packaging EA-N6008
Contains no Contains no
Light packaging EA-N6001
Contains no Contains no

(EU) No. 10/2011: Since 2011, the EU has set limits on the amount of substances in laminating adhesives, printing inks, and coatings used in food packaging that can migrate into food. An extraction test into solution is required. China also has limits on the transfer amount of resin raw materials in line with this EU regulation (GB 4806.1-2016).

GB9685-2016: Standard for the use of additives for food contact materials and products.

Epoxysilane compounds and tin compounds: Although not currently subject to legal regulations, there is a movement to establish voluntary regulations in the packaging material supply chain, mainly in the EU.

About Toyo-Morton, Ltd.

Toyo-Morton, Ltd. is a leading adhesives company that contributes to everyone's lives by providing laminating adhesives that have the top market share in Japan. We provide products for a wide range of fields, from flexible packaging to lithium-ion battery packaging and the medical field.
We respond to the needs of our customers by providing unique added value that is appropriate for the new era, with an awareness of CSV (Creating Shared Value), rather than simply manufacturing. For more information about Toyo-Morton, please visit our website (toyomorton.co.jp).

Toyo-Morton and the Toyo-Morton logo are registered trademarks of TOYO INK SC Holdings Co., Ltd.


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