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TOYOCHEM develops environmentally friendly water-based plasticizer-resistant pressure sensitive adhesives

~ Achieving water-based based applications for PVC base materials where adhesive strength decreases due to plasticizer migration ~

TOYOCHEM CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director: Toshinori Machida, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a plasticizer-resistant water system in which the plasticizer contained in the base material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) does not migrate to the pressure sensitive adhesives, and the adhesive strength does not deteriorate over time. pressure sensitive adhesives "ORIBAIN™ BPW 6613" ORIBAIN™ BPW 6614" has been developed.

About 90% of the wallpaper used in Japan is made of PVC. Plasticizers are used as additives in PVC to soften the resin, and the transition of the plasticizer to the pressure sensitive adhesives reduces the adhesive strength over time, causing it to float or peel off after application. Therefore, until now, it has been common to use solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesives with plasticizer resistance.
TOYOCHEM ORIBAIN™ BPW 6613 (High Viscosity Type) and ORIBAIN™ BPW 6614 (Viscosity Adjustment Type) is a water-based plasticizer-resistant pressure sensitive adhesive. The special composition design, which is different from conventional water-based pressure sensitive adhesives, makes the plasticizer an pressure sensitive adhesiveBy preventing it from transitioning, we succeeded in suppressing the loss of adhesive strength. The newly developed product has a retention rate of 94% adhesive strength after 3 days at 70°C, which is equivalent to or better than solvent-based products, and it has been confirmed by an external evaluation organization that it does not contain organic solvents and the amount of formaldehyde emission is equivalent to F☆☆☆☆ (Four Star) (*), so it can be used with greater peace of mind in indoor applications.
In addition, this developed product will realize the water-based adaptation of PVC-based materials for various applications such as automotive parts such as wire harnesses and agricultural materials such as vinyl house repair tapes, and contribute to the SDGs goals and sustainability initiatives of customers and end users.

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TOYOCHEM will match elemental technologies born from polymer technology with customer needs and develop innovative products to reduce environmental impact and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

F☆☆☆☆: A mark indicating the highest standard of formaldehyde grade, which indicates the performance classification of formaldehyde emission amount.

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