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Toyo Ink Group Introduces Common-law Marriage and Same-Sex Partnership System

- Provide fair support to employees in various positions and create an environment where each employee can play an active role to the fullest -

TOYO INK SC Holdings Corporation (President and Representative Director Satoru Takashima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and its domestic Group Companies companies TOYOCOLOR CO., LTD., TOYOCHEM CO., LTD., and TOYO INK CO., LTD. will introduce a partnership system for their direct employees effective June 1, 2022.

The Toyo Ink Group's management philosophy is "management with respect for People-oriented management." In order to contribute to society by leveraging the Group's strengths, it is essential to respect the diverse values and career aspirations of employees, and in accordance with the medium-term management plan "SIC-II." launched in 2021. We are working on measures to further promote diversity.
TOYO INK INC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. AND ITS DOMESTIC CORE OPERATING COMPANIES TOYOCOLOR, TOYOCHEM, AND TOYO INKWe have introduced a partnership system for directly employed employees, and we will apply the internal systems and benefits related to congratulatory and condolences, childcare and nursing care, relocation and overseas assignments, which were previously applicable only to legal spouses, to common-law marriages and same-sex partners.
In addition, in March 2020, we established the "Guidelines for Deepening and Supporting LGBT Understanding" and have been conducting in-house awareness activities, and we have started efforts to increase the number of ALLIES in order to promote further understanding among employees. ALLY generally refers to people who understand and support sexual minorities, and people who want to support them, but the Toyo Ink GroupPositioned as "people who understand all differences and are on your side," we will conduct activities to expand the circle of ALLY, such as holding seminars to acquire knowledge about diversity and providing opportunities for two-way exchange of opinions for employees who agree with this initiative and voluntarily apply.

The Toyo Ink Group respects the diversity of each and every employee and aims to be a company that can contribute to solving social issues as a "company that creates lifestyles and cultures that contribute to a new era" by providing products and services that support people in various positions around the world by becoming a diverse group of employees.



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