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  • Developing a new product that expands the applications of solvent-free laminating processing and accelerates solvent removal


Toyo-Morton, Ltd.

Developing a new product that expands the applications of solvent-free laminating processing and accelerates solvent removal

~ Contributing to promoting environmental friendliness, expanding production of packaging materials, and reducing costs with a new solvent-free laminating adhesives ~

Toyo Morton, Ltd. of the Toyo Ink Group ( President and Representative Director Yuichi Kobayashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a solvent-freeLaminating adhesive "ECOAD ™" EA-N6008 and EA-N5618/EA-N5633 curing agents have been developed. Refillable pouches such as shampoo and conditioner and individually wrapped pouches for acidic contents such as ketchup and chili sauce can be switched to solvent-free types in fields that have been mainly processed with solvent-based laminating adhesives, and by expanding applications, By accelerating the desolventization of laminating adhesives, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

laminating adhesives are mainly used to bond multilayer films for flexible packaging materials, and are generally diluted with organic solvents. As awareness of reducing environmental impact such as reducing CO 2 emissions and improving energy efficiency increases, attention is increasing to solvent-free laminating adhesives that do not use diluting solvents. Furthermore, due to the current global rise in raw material prices and difficulty in procuring solvents, the spread of solvent-free lamination has become an urgent issue, as making it solvent-free will help customers expand production and reduce costs.
However, due to the layer structure of conventional solvent-free laminating adhesives, it is difficult to achieve both appearance and physical properties, so their use is limited to packaging laminating adhesives for snacks, etc. The current situation is that it remains at 5-10%.

Toyo-Morton has newly developed a solvent-free laminating adhesive "ECOAD ™ EA-N6008 and EA-N5618/EA-N5633 curing agents reduce CO2 emissions from adhesives by 76% compared to solvent-based products, and achieve solvent-free applications and layer compositions, which were previously difficult. BY ESTABLISHING A NEW COATING FILM RHEOLOGY ANALYSIS METHOD IN COLLABORATION WITH THE ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY OF TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD., SOLVENT-FREE LAMINATING ADHESIVESWe have elucidated the cause of the deterioration of the physical properties of the coating film and succeeded in achieving both appearance and physical properties by using a different approach to coating film design. In addition, by collaborating with the Technology Development Laboratory to derive the parameters required for continuous lamination, we have made it possible to perform solvent-free lamination in a three-layer configuration, which was difficult until now. As a result, we will be able to expand the application of solvent-free lamination and accelerate the desolventization process, thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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As a leading company in laminating adhesives, Toyo-Morton strives to further expand the applications of solvent-free laminating adhesives and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by contributing to the SDGs goals and problem-solving efforts of our customers and end users. We will continue to contribute.

New product features

Main agent ECOAD® ™ EA-N6008
hardening agent EA-N5618 EA-N5633
Main applications Refillable pouches for shampoos, conditioners, etc., and dried and boiled foods Individually wrapped pouches with acidic contents (ketchup, chili sauce, etc.)
*Special product for AL configuration interior
  • Good appearance of AL deposition configuration of VMPET and VMCPP
  • Improved heat resistance and durability (compatible with zipper bags)
  • Improved suitability for continuous lamination
  • Specialized in durability against acidic contents

About Toyo-Morton, Ltd.

Toyo-Morton, Ltd. is a leading adhesives company that contributes to everyone's lives by providing laminating adhesives that have the top market share in Japan. We provide products for a wide range of fields, from flexible packaging to lithium-ion battery packaging and the medical field.
We respond to the needs of our customers by providing unique added value that is appropriate for the new era, with an awareness of CSV (Creating Shared Value), rather than simply manufacturing. For more information about Toyo-Morton, please visit our website (toyomorton.co.jp).

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