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Toyo Ink Group to expand production facilities for laminating adhesives in Malaysia

~Strengthening global supply system with a focus on high-performance products and environmentally friendly products, aiming for 1.5 times increase during the long-term plan period~

Toyochem Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd. (Chairman: Haruhiko Akutsu, Malaysia), a member of the Toyo Ink Group, is a laminating adhesiveWe will increase our production facilities and double our production capacity. By strengthening our global supply system, we will expand sales of environmentally friendly products such as solvent-free products and high-performance products, for which demand is expected to grow worldwide.

The Toyo Ink Group includes Toyo Morton, Ltd., which has the top market share in Japan, and laminating adhesives mainly in Asia. We are developing our business. The market for laminating adhesives, which are mainly used to bond multilayer films of flexible packaging materials, is expanding for retort food applications and pharmaceutical applications such as PTP (Press Through Package) packaging sheets due to population growth in the Asian region. It is expected to grow by about 140% in 5 years.
TOYOCHEM SPECIALTY CHEMICALS WILL DOUBLE ITS PRODUCTION CAPACITY TO MEET STRONG DEMAND IN ASIA. The expanded facility is scheduled to start operations in 3Q23 and will be operated by the Toyo Ink Group as the mother plant for laminating adhesive products in Asia. We will supply products throughout Asia, focusing on high-performance products, which are our strengths.
In addition to Malaysia, the Toyo Ink Group is introducing equipment in Jiangmen, China, and Turkey, and is introducing laminating adhesivesWe are working to strengthen our global supply system. Until now, we have been developing our business mainly in Asia, but we will expand our business in MENA, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe with Turkey as our hub. Going forward, we will further strengthen our supply system and increase our global supply of laminating adhesives by 1.5 times during the long-term vision SIC27.

Figure; If you click here, you can download the original image file (2806x670px).
Figure; If you click here, you can download the original image file (2806x672px).

The environment surrounding packaging is changing at a dizzying pace due to the global need for products that comply with the reduction of environmental impact, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the regulations on chemical substances, which are being tightened year by year from the perspective of safety.
The Toyo Ink Group specializes in laminating adhesives and printing inks used for packaging materials. We will respond to various requests related to package production by taking advantage of our strengths in proposing optimal combinations and making rapid improvements. In addition, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by accelerating the development of environmentally friendly products and high-performance products that utilize our proprietary polymer design and analysis technologies, and contributing to the SDGs goals and problem-solving efforts of our customers and end users.


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