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  • TOYO INK SC Holdings signs sponsorship agreement for the "Phoenixy Incubation Program," which aims to create businesses that solve social issues.


Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.

TOYO INK SC Holdings signs sponsorship agreement for the "Phoenixy Incubation Program," which aims to create businesses that solve social issues.

TOYO INK (President and Representative Director Satoru Takashima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) signed a sponsorship agreement on September 30, 2022 for the "Phoenixe Incubation Program" operated by Phoenixe Corporation (CEO: Yukiko Hashidera, Director, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto), which supports the creation of "venture businesses from large companies" to solve social issues. (Representative: Yukiko Hashidera, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan), a company that supports the creation of venture companies that solve social issues.

In its medium-term management plan "SIC-II" for the period from 2021 to 2023, the Toyo Ink Group has set "creation and expansion of priority development areas" as one of its basic policies, and has been working to create new businesses centered on the environment, digital, and health.
In the "Phenixie Incubation Program" sponsored by Toyo INK SC Holdings, participants (fellows) stay at the dedicated facility "toberu" for four months and refine their business ideas through daily cross-industry exchanges. This is a residential program that aims to create new businesses and in-house businesses that lead to the resolution of social issues.
As one of the priority measures of the Medium-Term Management Plan, we will dispatch employees to the 7th phase of the program (November 2022 ~ March 2023) to take on the challenge of creating new businesses that will lead to the resolution of social issues in the new era, such as the evolution of technology and the IoT society, under the theme of "building an energy harvesting system."

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Phoenix facility “Toberu Building 2” (Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City)

Through this program, Toyo Ink Group will strengthen its ability to plan and execute new businesses, and by deeply rooting a "culture of challenge" within the Group, we will become a "company that creates lifestyles and cultures that contribute to a new era." We aim to be a company that continues to provide the value that is truly needed.


About Phenixie Co., Ltd.

Phoenixy Co., Ltd. is a social incubator that fosters business ideas that solve social issues and entrepreneurs who tackle them. Promoting social entrepreneurship and impact investing with the aim of realizing a 21st century business model that connects the economy, society, and environment and supports efforts to establish business in order to solve the various issues facing modern society. Our mission is to build a better society through For more information about Phoenix, please visit the website (https://www.phoenixi.co.jp/).



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