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Toyo Ink Group

Toyo Ink Group Receives Gold Award, the highest ranking in the PRIDE Index 2022

TOYO INK SC Holdings Corporation (President and Representative Director Satoru Takashima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and TOYOCOLOR CO., LTD., TOYOCHEM CO., LTD., TOYO INK CO., LTD., and TOYO VISUAL SOLUTIONS CO., LTD., which are Group Companies in Japan, received the highest ranking of Gold in the PRIDE Index 2022, which recognizes LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace, on November 10, 2022.

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In addition to establishing "Guidelines for Deepening and Supporting LGBT Understanding" and introducing "Common-law Marriage and Same-Sex Partnership Systems," the Toyo Ink Group has been recruiting allies (*) and holding seminars inviting LGBTQ people. We are engaged in activities to promote diversity and further understanding among employees. In recognition of these efforts, we have been awarded the highest gold award in the PRIDE Index 2022, which evaluates LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace.

The Toyo Ink Group respects the diversity of each and every employee and aims to be a company that can contribute to solving social issues as a "company that creates lifestyles and cultures that contribute to a new era" by providing products and services that support people in various positions around the world by becoming a diverse group of employees.

About the PRIDE index

The PRIDE index was developed by the voluntary organization "work with Pride" in 2016 and is an evaluation index for efforts towards sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+ people in the workplace. The PRIDE index consists of the following five indicators and is evaluated in three stages: gold, silver, and bronze.

  1. Policy (Declaration of Action)
  2. Representation (Participant community)
  3. Inspiration (awareness activity)
  4. Development (HR system/program)
  5. Engagement/Empowerment (social contribution/external relations activities)

For more information about work with Pride and the PRIDE index, please visit our website (https://workwithpride.jp/).

ALLY: In general, it refers to people who understand and support sexual minorities, and people who want to support them, but the Toyo Ink Group positions them as "people who understand and are on the side of all differences."



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