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Toyo-Morton, Ltd.

Newly developed biodegradable high biomass laminating adhesives used in packaging

~New packaging that embodies the attitude of EN TEA, a tea brand that produces environmentally friendly tea~

Toyo Morton, Ltd. of the Toyo Ink Group ( President and Representative Director Yuichi Kobayashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) developed a biodegradable high biomassThe laminating adhesive "ECOAD ™ EA-B2800A/EA-B2800B" is a tea leaf brand "EN It has been adopted in the new package of "TEA". In addition to our laminating adhesives, this package is designed with biodegradable materials for the substrate, sealant and chuck, making it a package that maximizes the "EN TEA" brand.

The ECOAD (ECOAD) ™ EA-B2800A/EA-B2800B developed by Toyo-Morton is a biodegradable high biomass with a biomass content of 50% using materials derived from natural productsIt is a laminating adhesive*. Multi-layering is essential for packaging that requires functionality, but by using biodegradable products not only for the base material but also for the laminating adhesive, it is possible to appeal to consumers that the packaging material as a whole is environmentally friendly. In addition to contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle, we will contribute to the realization of packaging that embodies the brand owner's stance on addressing environmental issues.

As Toyo-Morton company in laminating adhesives, Toyo Morton will continue to promote the development of products using renewable materials and raw materials derived from natural products, and by contributing to the efforts of customers and end users to solve problems. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Has biodegradability equivalent to cellulose in JIS K6953-1 biodegradability evaluation

Figure; If you click here, you can download the original image file (1170x780px).
EN TEA new package (renewed from September 20, 2023)

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