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  • Signed a joint development agreement regarding plastic recycling with Aikawa Iron Works and Hagiwara Kogyo.



Signed a joint development agreement regarding plastic recycling with Aikawa Iron Works and Hagiwara Kogyo.

~ Developing processes and production equipment for cleaning, deinking, dissimilar material separation, recycling, etc. across industries ~

TOYO INK CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director and President Masato Yanagi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Aikawa Iron Works Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director Mitsuhiro Nigizawa, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture), Hagiwara Kogyo Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director Kazushi Asano, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture) ) announced on November 27th that they will develop processes and production equipment for cleaning, deinking, dissimilar material separation, recycling, etc. to achieve higher quality plastic recycling using their own materials, machinery, and process technologies. We have concluded a joint development agreement for the purpose of developing.

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From left in the photo: Kazushi Asano President and Representative Director Hagiwara Industries, Masato Yanagi, President and Representative Director TOYO INK, and Mitsuhiro Nigizawa, President and Representative Director Aikawa Iron Works.

Various plastic recycling efforts have been progressing in recent years, but the physical performance of recycled plastics is hampered by the contamination of different types of plastics, ink, adhesives, etc., and the adhesion of dirt. The problem is that the outlet uses are limited. TOYO INK, Aikawa Tekko, and Hagiwara Kogyo have entered into a development agreement to conduct comprehensive cross-industry technology exchanges, demonstration tests, etc. in order to achieve high-quality plastic recycling by removing impurities. We have reached an agreement.

In 2019, the Toyo Ink Group launched coatings for deinking and laminating adhesives for peeling. Subsequently, we started operating a pilot recycling facility at the Fuji Works to verify the practical application of material recycling of plastics, including flexible packaging materials for multilayer films. In addition to developing the development of materials for deinking and peeling based on chemical knowledge, we will contribute to the improvement and optimization of recycling equipment and processes by utilizing the demonstration data from the pilot plant.
Aikawa Iron Works will utilize the know-how it has cultivated in the paper industry in areas such as recycling finers, waste paper deinking, and foreign matter separation to develop technologies and equipment for cleaning plastics, separating different materials, and deinking.
Hagiwara Kogyo will improve and optimize equipment and processes based on its know-how in advanced filtration, tempering, and reforming technologies cultivated through horizontal recycling of blue sheets, as well as recycling equipment and engineering technologies such as recycled pellet manufacturing equipment.
Through these initiatives, the three companies aim to provide the market with a recycling system for cleaning, deinking, separation of different materials, and recycling as a single package by 2025.

We, the Toyo Ink Group, will collaborate with our partners in various ways to build a recycling system to promote the recycling of used plastics and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society toward the realization of a sustainable society.

About Aikawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Aikawa Iron Works is a specialized manufacturer of paper-related equipment. As Japan's top manufacturer of used paper recycling plants, such as systems for deinking ink from used paper, we provide the world's most cutting-edge technologies, products, and services, and by applying these technologies not only to used paper recycling but also to plastic recycling, We are working to realize a recycling-oriented society. For more information about Aikawa Iron Works Co., Ltd., please visit the website http://www.aikawa-iron.co.jp.

About Hagiwara Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Hagiwara Kogyo manufactures and sells synthetic resin products that utilize next-generation flat yarn technology, as well as engineering products such as plastic-related machinery and slitters.We utilize these technologies to promote the creation of a recycling-oriented society, such as horizontal recycling of waste blue sheets. We are working to make this a reality. For more information about Hagihara Industries Co., Ltd., please visit the website https://www.hagihara.co.jp.



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