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artience Co., Ltd.

Becoming a company that repeatedly takes on new challenges and delivers value that resonates with the senses

Group CEO Takashima gives a New Year's greeting following the company name change

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On January 1, 2024, Toyo INK SC Holdings Co., Ltd. changed its name to artience Co., Ltd..
Artience is a fusion of "art" and "science." Together with our customers, business partners, and other partners, the Group will continue to refine its functions backed by reliable technology and trust (science) based on high quality in order to create value (ART) that works on people's hearts, such as surprise, excitement, excitement, and comfort for consumers.

Group CEO Takashima's New Year's Message (Summary)

Group CEO Satoru Takashima
Group CEO Satoru Takashima
The purpose of this company name change is to seriously face changes in the global environment, clearly indicate the value provided by the new era and the direction in which it should be headed, and demonstrate the determination and seriousness of corporate transformation to achieve this.
The founder, Kamataro Kobayashi, worked as an apprentice at a signboard shop and a clerk at a paint dealer before becoming independent in 1896 and opening a printing inks shop in Japan, Tokyo. Kamataro Kobayashi, who had been illiterate since childhood and could not attend school all his life, believed that academic education was of the utmost importance for the development of Japan, and for that purpose, he aspired to domestically produce and improve the quality of printing inks used in books and textbooks. Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Established. We have inherited our founder's will to contribute to society, and have built trust and trust with our customers and other stakeholders by providing products and services that society needs in each era. While cherishing this trust, which can be said to be our treasure, in the management plan artience 2027/2030 "GROWTH" with the goal of 2030, Corporate Philosophy: Management with People-oriented ManagementWith the determination to transform everything except the above, we will work to transform our business portfolio, maximize capital efficiency and cash flow, and build a corporate foundation.
Japan's economic growth has been stagnant for more than 30 years, but I sometimes feel that the tide has changed recently. By implementing corporate transformation without fear and boldly taking risks, we aim to be a company that gathers people and information from all over the world. As a company that delivers value that resonates with the senses, we will create products, services, and value that are needed in the new era. Let's take on the challenge of realizing a future that is a future where all people can live enriched lives.


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