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Joint Development of Conductive Sheet That Can Recycle Plastic Base Materials by Deinking Conductive Ink

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artience group TOYO INK CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director Hideki Yasuda, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has developed a "recyclable conductive sheet" that can be easily deinking conductive ink from a plastic substrate and reused as a new raw material in collaboration with Maruai Inc. (President and Representative Director Michiya Muramatsu, Ichikawamisato-cho, Yamanashi). The development of a conductive sheet that can deink printed conductive ink is the industry's first*1.

Conductive sheets are made by coating a plastic substrate with conductive and antistatic inks, and are mainly used in conductive trays and carrier tapes for conveying electronic components used in electrical appliances and automobiles to protect them from static electricity. Printing on such plastics is one of the factors that hinders the promotion of recycling, as it is difficult to separate from the substrate.
The jointly developed "Recyclable Conductive Sheet" is a conductive sheet that makes it possible to easily deink printed conductive ink without compromising the surface resistance value and vacuum moldability of the conductive sheet by introducing TOYO INK 's "deinking technology" to Maruai's "Super Clean Sheet" conductive sheet. By providing a deinking layer that dissolves by alkali treatment between the plastic and the conductive ink, which is the base material of the conductive sheet, the deinking layer dissolves when the conductive sheet is heat-treated in an alkaline solution, and the conductive ink is deinking from the plastic substrate. This makes it possible to reuse used plastic substrates that were previously disposed of as plastic waste as plastic raw materials. In addition, since conductive ink can be deinking in the form of a film without dissolving in an alkaline solution, the alkaline solution can be used repeatedly by recovering the membrane *2.

Composition of recyclable conductive sheet
Deinking process of trays made of molded recyclable conductive sheets

We aim to recycle plastics by providing recyclable conductive sheets, collecting and crushing used plastics, and deinking conductive inks. In the future, we will concretize a scheme from the collection to recycling of used plastics.

Conceptual diagram of the process from the provision of "recyclable conductive sheets" to the collection and crushing of used plastics and the deinking of conductive inks
  • 1: In the conductive sheet industry in Japan. As of January 2024, according to Maruai's research.
  • 2: In order to use the alkaline solution repeatedly, it is necessary to constantly control the alkali concentration range based on the dissolution of the deinking layer.

Exhibition schedule

The jointly developed "Recyclable Conductive Sheet" is scheduled to be exhibited at the Maruai Inc. booth at the "nano tech 2024 23rd International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Technology Conference".

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nano tech 2024 The 23rd International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference


Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - Friday, February 2, 2024 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) East Hall

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