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  • artience Co., Ltd. received an A rank rating in the 3rd JRECO Fluorocarbon Countermeasure Rating.


artience Co., Ltd.

artience Co., Ltd. received an A rank rating in the 3rd JRECO Fluorocarbon Countermeasure Rating.

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artience Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director Satoru Takashima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) recently received an "A" rank in the "3rd JRECO Fluorocarbon Countermeasure Rating", an evaluation of its efforts to comply with the Fluorocarbon Emissions Control Act, from the Japan Refrigerant and Environmental Conservation Organization (President: Hiroshi Koretsune, Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "JRECO"), which promotes awareness and proper management of Fluorocarbon in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment.

Fluorocarbon Countermeasures Rating Certificate

Due to their non-flammability, low toxicity, and chemical stability, Fluorocarbons are widely used in industrial and household applications, such as refrigerants for air conditioners, freezers and refrigerators, and cleaning agents for electronic components. There are two types of Fluorocarbons: "specified chlorofluorocarbons," the use of which is prohibited as a causative substance of ozone layer depletion, and "alternative chlorofluorocarbons," which do not have the properties of ozone layer depletion, but both of them have an extremely high greenhouse effect of hundreds ~ thousands of times that of CO2, and legal management is required globally as a global warming causative agent that cannot be overlooked.

Based on the Fluorocarbon Emissions Control Act enacted in 2015, artience group has established a management system at each site, grasped the use of fluorocarbons in the equipment it uses, calculated the amount of fluorocarbons leaked, conducted simple inspections and periodic inspections, and disclosed information in the Sustainability Data Book, which is published annually.
The acquisition of the A rank is a comprehensive recognition of our efforts to comply with the Fluorocarbon Emission Control Act and the disclosure of information.

artience group will continue to strive to prevent global warming and protect the environment by thoroughly managing Fluorocarbon appropriately in compliance with laws and regulations, and will work to solve medium- to long-term environmental issues through its business activities, as well as further contribute to reducing environmental impact, decarbonization, and improving the sustainability of society.

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