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Exhibited at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 NAGOYA

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artience group will exhibit material products that contribute to the enhancement of automotive components at the "Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 NAGOYA" to be held at Aichi Sky Expo (Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture) on July 17 (Wed) ~ 19 (Fri), 2024.

The Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 NAGOYA is a specialized exhibition of automotive technologies for engineers and researchers who are active on the front lines of the automotive industry.
Based on the concept of "not just sticking," artience group will contribute to solving customers' problems by exhibiting functional adhesives tape products and shielding sheets that make full use of polymer design, dispersion, and coatings technologies.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024 ~ Friday, July 19, 2024 10:00~17:00


Aichi Sky Expo (Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture)

booth number

Hall E 117

Main exhibit products

  • For highly flexible structures for car bodies adhesives
    Our unique resin design achieves both the flexibility and strength of the coating film at a high level of structural adhesives. It is suitable for applications that require shock and vibration resistance, as well as dissimilar material bonding.

  • Easy Demolition adhesives (Reference Exhibit)
    It is a highly durable structural adhesives based on the concept of easy dismantling by heat. It contributes to the dismantling and reuse of automotive parts.

  • Anti-tracking tape
    Utilizing resin synthesis technology and coatings technology, this insulating tape for next-generation EVs achieves both high heat resistance and tracking resistance.

  • 3D Molded Shielded Sheet LIOTELAN ™ Series
    This is a thermosetting shield sheet that can be molded in three dimensions with excellent elongation. It realizes shielding for high steps and complex shapes, and has excellent electromagnetic shielding and durability.

  • Strong Bonding/Fast Curing Liquid Seal adhesives
    It is a seal adhesives with high adhesion and fast curing. It contributes to the reduction of bolting and the efficiency of the production process.

  • Heat dissipation adhesives
    With its unique dispersion and polymer design, it is a heat dissipation adhesives that achieves both high thermal conductivity and fluidity. It also has excellent room temperature curing properties and adhesion.

  • For decorative films laminating adhesives
    We will introduce multiple lineups for automotive decorative films, such as adhesives with good design with transparency and yellowing resistance, and adhesives specialized in moisture and heat resistance.

Organized by

Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan

Exhibitor company

TOYOCHEM CO., LTD.、Toyo-Morton, Ltd.

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