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Antiviral hard coating Lioduras™︎ AV Series

Features and strengths of this product

  • The AV series is hard coating agent that achieves both transparency and antiviral properties (ISO21702).

Detailed data of this product

Coating film data

Evaluation method AV1001 series
Pencil hardness: 750g JIS K 5600-5-4 2H
Scratch resistance Steel wool #0000
(500g, 10 round trips)
No scratches
haze JIS K 7105 3-5% (at 1-2μm coating)
Total light transmittance JIS K 7105 >90.0%
antiviral ISO21702 Test virus A: < 1/100
Test virus B: < 1/100
antiviral agent inorganic oxide particles

*The above data are actual values measured by our company and are not guaranteed values.

Antiviral test

The antiviral properties of this product have been confirmed through antiviral testing (ISO21702).

Virus infection log value
  • We have not confirmed the antiviral properties of this product under the various conditions in which it is actually used.
  • The above antiviral properties are evaluation data under certain conditions and may vary depending on processing conditions, etc.
    Customers are requested to confirm in advance.
  • Antiviral processing is not intended to prevent or treat disease.

Evaluation sample preparation conditions

Base material PET (100μm)
Drying conditions 100°C, 2 minutes
Curing conditions High pressure mercury lamp 80W/cm, cumulative light intensity 400mJ/cm 2


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