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Hard coatings / functional coating agents

Hard coatings / functional coating agents
The UV-curable functional hard coating agent "Lioduras™", which provides a highly transparent and hardness coating film, is used for antistatic, refractive index control, UV and heat ray absorption, etc. The series are divided according to the functions for a wide range of applications.
In addition, as a functional coating agent, Dynaleo™ AUB Series" is a UV-curable adhesives that can be used for a wide range of films and applications, "LIORESIST™ NSP Series", a coating agent with excellent adhesion to various inorganic layers, we have a lineup of two-component curable coating agents "FLUSHED™" that exhibit the characteristic properties of silicone, such as antifouling, peeling, mold release, and water and oil repellency.

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