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Coating Materials for Flexible Devices LIORESIST™︎ NSP Series

Coating Materials for Flexible Devices LIORESIST™︎ NSP Series
This is an insulating coating material that has excellent adhesion to transparent conductive layers and inorganic barrier layers. It also has high flexibility. It can be applied to protect various functional films and organic EL barrier layers application.
*This product is a development product.

LIORESIST™ NSP 133 (Heat curable coating for gravure coating)

  • It is a two-component heat curable transparent insulation coating material.
  • Good adhesion to various functional films including ITO.
  • It has excellent bending resistance and protects functional films from cracks and performance deterioration caused by bending.

LIORESIST™ NSP 133 Basic Physical Properties

Application method Reverse gravure etc.
Hue transparent
viscosity 60mPa・s
Drying conditions 120°C—2 minutes
Aging conditions 40°C—6 days
close contact ITO film etc.
Transmittance 99% or more
Insulation 10 14 Ω/□ or more

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