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Peeling and antifouling coatings FLUSHED™︎

FLUSHED™ is a two-component curable coating agent that takes advantage of the property of silicone compounds that tend to slope to the surface of the coating film and expresses the characteristic properties of silicone, such as antifouling, peeling, releasing, water and oil repellency.
In addition, migration, which is a weak point of silicone coatings, is minimized as much as possible. Ideal for release film and antifouling coating applications.


Features ① Mold releasability

Because the silicone polymer is sloped on the base material surface, it has excellent releasability from the target object.
It is possible to customize the peeling force according to your needs.

Peeling force
SUR700 standard product 180g/25mm
SUR700 Silicone increased product 10g/25mm

Test method: Speed 0.3m/m (measured with NITTO 31B tape)

Feature ② Stain resistance

Water and oil repellency prevents dirt from adhering.
Also, any dirt that has adhered to it can be easily removed.

Immediately after writing with magic ink
Immediately after writing with magic ink
Repels magic ink
After wiping
After wiping
Ink can be removed neatly by wiping with a dry cloth.

Product Info

Product name SUR700 SUR700 hardener
Main agent hardening agent
composition silicone modified acrylic resin isocyanate compound
Appearance light yellow translucent Colorless and transparent
viscosity Zahn Cup #4/29 seconds
Solvent Ketone type Ester type
Non-volatile content 33% 75%
mixing ratio Main agent/curing agent = 100/17
Aging conditions 40℃×3 days or room temperature×1 week

*The above values are typical values and are not guaranteed values.

Paint surface condition

The silicone component is tilted to the surface of the coating film, resulting in release and antifouling properties.

Gradient degree of silicone polymer in coating film

Gradient degree of silicone polymer in coating film

Paint film image diagram

Basic physical properties of coating film

Item SUR700+ hardener Test method
Film thickness 3μm Measured with a film thickness meter
Scratch resistance Steel wool #0000 load 250g x 10 reciprocations
〇No scratches ▲Slight scratches x Scratches
magic wipeability After writing on the paint surface with marker ink, wipe it off with a cloth and visually observe the paint surface.
〇No evidence ×There is evidence
Pencil hardness 2H Compliant with JIS K5400
Peeling force 180g
Speed 0.3m/m (measured with NITTO 31B tape)

Coating conditions
Base material: untreated PET100μm
Coating: Bar coater #6 Drying: 100℃ x 60 seconds Aging: 40℃ x 3 days


  • release film
  • antifouling coating


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