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UV curing adhesives Dynaleo™ AUB Series

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Dynaleo™ AUB series, a UV-curable adhesives for optical films, is designed from a variety of materials based on our group's core technology, and can be used for a wide of films and applications, primarily for polarizing plates.
We can also customize products according to customer requests.

Product features

Thin film coating possible

  • Compatible with gravure coater due to low viscosity
  • Viscosity can be adjusted according to your request (20-200mPa・s)

Excellent adhesion

  • Compatible with a wide range of base materials from hydrophilic to hydrophobic
  • Adhesive strength develops from adhesives thickness of 1μm
Adhesive strength to various (for Dynaleo™ AUB-1138)
Base material name (N/25mm)
T.A.C. 8
glass 6

* adhesives thickness: 2㎛ (Dry), viscosity 70±10 mPa.s, corona treatment: 80W・min/㎡, UV exposure amount: 200mJ/㎠

Environmentally friendly

  • Solvent-free and no drying process
  • Running energy reduction by UV curing

Excellent durability

  • Heat resistance (85℃ 500hr)
  • Moisture heat resistance (60℃-90%RH 500hr)

Application example

It is mainly used for laminating optical films for displays and smartphones.

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