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High solid water-based gravure ink AQUAECOL SX series

Introducing the high solid water-based based gravure ink AQUAECOL SX series. The reduction in solvent content due to high ink concentration and the reduction in ink application amount due to shallow printing improves drying performance, ensuring high productivity comparable to conventional gravure inks even with existing printing equipment.

Features of AQUAECOL SX series

Since the volatile content of water-based ink is mainly water and alcohol, it has the following characteristics
  • Improved printing work environment: The atmosphere gas used during printing is water and alcohol, which are safer than organic solvents.
  • Consideration for the global environment: Reducing both VOC and CO 2 emissions
  • Improving packaging material safety: Residual solvents are safer than organic solvents such as water and alcohol.
In addition, since it is a high solid ink, when combined with a low plate depth, it reduces volatile moisture and reduces the energy required for drying. This enables existing oil-based printing machines to perform water-based printing, and improves the productivity of water-based printing machines.

AQUAECOL SX series specifications


F23 yellow, F121 red, R39 indigo, R92 ink, R63 white, R medium, R79 grass, Z821 purple, R180 red (designated flammable material, flammable liquid)

* AQUAECOL SX is designed to have a low viscosity of raw ink that takes about 20-25 seconds with Zahn cup #3. Shake well before use as it tends to settle relatively easily.

Applicable film

Depending on the grade and lot, you may need to be careful when applying meat. For details, please contact your sales representative or use the inquiry form.

Film type Printability
Strong static defense OPP
K coat OPP
PVA coated OPP
Anti-fog OPP
General PET
Static PET
Transparent vapor deposited PET
K coat PET (○)
General ONY
K coat ONY (○)
Transparent vapor deposition ONY (○)
  • Printability... ◎; There is a track record with no particular problems. ○; There is a track record of no problems if the grade and printing conditions are selected. (○); There is no track record, but there is no problem.

how to use

diluting solvent

  • Diluent solvent for color... AQ722 solvent (water: alcohol = 41:59 non-hazardous)
  • Diluent for white… AQ742ST solvent (water: alcohol = 29:71 hazardous material)

drip solvent

  • Dropping solvent...Water: Alcohol = 21:79 (dangerous goods Class 4 alcohols)

hardening agent

  • AQLP Hardener 3000 (non-hazardous material)

When improving blocking resistance, boiling/retort suitability, and other lamination suitability, please add 5% of raw ink. When using leftover ink, please add 5% to the raw ink again.

About temperature control

AQUAECOL SX series has a high solid design, so the viscosity changes greatly depending on temperature. Stable printing is possible by controlling the liquid temperature at 20-25℃.


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