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Product features

Wide range of lineups to meet various demands

Both for back glue and for side glue are available. In addition, we have a wide range of product lineups to meet your requirements, including general-purpose, strong adhesive, and low-temperature coating types, and they are used by many customers in the Bookbinding market.

Environmental friendly recyclable hot-melt

Products for back glue meet the "difficult-to-tear test" and fall under the rank A of the "Guidelines for Producing Printed Matter Compatible with Recycling" defined by the Japan Printing Industry Association. This environmentally friendly hot-melts is recyclable.

Application example

Bookbinding applications (back glue and side glue)

Bookbinding applications (back glue and side glue)

TOYOMELT™ TM Series main products list

Product name Applications Softening point Open time (seconds) Characteristics
TM-2602 Back glue 107 10 s to 12 s General purpose type, low generation of oil smoke
TM-2780 Back glue 104 8 s to 9 s Excellent resistance to solvents and peeling of cover paper
TM-2486 Back glue 93 8 s to 9 s Excellent hue change over time (good heat resistant hue)
TM-894 Side glue 89 14 s to 16 s General-purpose type, yarn pulling reduction

In addition to the above products, there are a wide range of lineups depending on the application and coating environmental.

Reactive hot-melt (PUR-HM) TOYOMELT™ UM Series

Reactive hot-melt (PUR-HM) specialized for adhesives for bookbinding back glue TOYOMELT™ UM series is also available.

Reactive hot-melts is a adhesives that chemically reacts with moisture in the air and paper after being heated and dissolved, and then hardens. Compared to conventional EVA-based hot-melts's adhesives, it has a strong adhesive strength, excellent spreadability, heat and cold resistance which makes it possible to make books that open well to the knod side, that are durable and long lasting.

TOYOMELT™UM Series Main Products List

Product name Appearance Viscosity 125℃ (mPa・S) Set time Solidification rate Residual MDI (%) Applications/features
UM-7032 Milky white 7100 20~22 4 min 15 s <1 For bookbinding/MDI reduction product
UM-7335B Yellow 7300 26~28 4 min 45 s 2~3 For bookbinding

In addition to the products listed above, we have a wide range of products with different adhesion strengths depending on the type of paper base material and application.

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