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Functional masterbatches /compound

At TOYOCOLOR, we use our core technologies of dispersion technology, material surface treatment technology, and compounding technology to disperse all kinds of materials, including special materials that are difficult to disperse, to create masterbatches and compounds with a variety of functions. We are developing and deploying it.
We offer a variety of products, including highly dispersed products for substances that are generally difficult to disperse, such as carbon nanotube (CNT) compound masterbatches and soft magnetic powder compounds, as well as scratch-prevention masterbatches and heat accumulation prevention masterbatches.
Recently, we have also been focusing on the development of environmentally friendly products, such as colorants for biodegradable resins and IV improving masterbatches for polyester, which contribute to improving the recyclability of plastics. In addition, we also develop functional masterbatches according to customer requests. Please feel free to contact us.

Product lineup

Carbon nanotube (CNT) masterbatches compound

Soft magnetic powder compound

IV improvement masterbatches for polyester

Carbon nanotube (CNT) masterbatches
By incorporating carbon nanotubes into the resin at a high concentration, we have achieved a resistance value range that is difficult to achieve with conventional carbon black systems. It can also be applied to millimeter wave absorption applications and electromagnetic shielding applications.
Soft magnetic powder compound An injection moldable compound containing a high concentration of soft magnetic powder. By maintaining the filler shape using our unique processing technology, we have achieved high magnetic permeability and electromagnetic shielding properties.
masterbatches for electromagnetic shielding The electromagnetic shielding masterbatches "LIOCONDUCT RSUS series" is masterbatches that uses ultrafine metal fibers as a filler. Adds electromagnetic shielding properties and conductivity to plastics.
EVA encapsulant masterbatches for solar cells masterbatches can contribute to extending the lifespan of solar cells and improving conversion efficiency without impairing the physical properties of EVA sheets.
Non-bleed UV blocking masterbatches masterbatches with excellent light blocking properties, bleed resistance, and heat resistance. It achieves high hygiene, transparency, and non-coloring properties in fields such as medical, optical, food, and building materials that require protection of contents and base materials from external light, especially ultraviolet rays.
thermal compound Using TOYOCOLOR 's dispersion technology, this compound is filled with filler at a high concentration, and has high thermal conductivity and good moldability. There are insulated and conductive types.
Low conductivity/high jet black masterbatches A carbon nanotube masterbatches that can be used for parts that require a high jet black design. Conventionally, there were concerns that carbon nanotubes would inhibit millimeter wave radar transmission, but due to their special dispersion, they have achieved low conductivity and can be used around radar.
Cellulose microfiber (CMF) compound Using naturally derived cellulose, we have achieved both high biomass content and improved physical properties.
Shell fired calcium antibacterial / deodorizing masterbatches masterbatches with antibacterial and deodorizing effects that uses seashell raw materials. With our unique dispersion technology, it can be used even for thin materials.
recycled carbon fiber compound We have developed a new fiber-reinforced plastic that reduces environmental impact by using recycled carbon fiber recovered from CFRP scraps. We have achieved low specific gravity and high mechanical properties through our unique surface treatment, compounding, and kneading technologies.
Biodegradable color masterbatches Coloring masterbatches for various biodegradable resins. In addition to standard colors such as black, white, and green, color matching is also available. Additionally, we are able to control (accelerate/delay) the biodegradation rate using our unique dispersion and compounding technologies.
IV improvement masterbatches for polyester By reacting and reconnecting the ends of hydrolyzed polyester resin, it suppresses the molecular weight drop of polyester resin during processing.
Infrared transparent black masterbatches By transmitting infrared rays that are absorbed by conventional black pigments, it enables the color separation of colored molded products using infrared rays, contributing to improved sortability during recycling.
anti-blocking masterbatches TOYOCOLOR 's anti-blocking masterbatches has a unique formulation design and dispersion processing technology that allows it to exhibit good slipperiness even when added in small amounts. Please consult us depending on your usage.
Anti-masterbatches This is masterbatches that can impart scratch resistance to the surface of molded products using unique dispersion and compounding technologies. Especially for polyester, it is possible to suppress scratches caused by rubbing or falling during molding.
Antistatic masterbatches masterbatches that can add antistatic properties to molded products by adding a small amount. Especially for polyester, it is possible to achieve both excellent antistatic properties and high transparency, which were previously unattainable.
Permanently antistatic masterbatches /compound TOYOCOLOR 's polymer-type permanent antistatic masterbatches /compound uses a unique formulation design to exhibit semi-permanent antistatic performance immediately after molding.
Highly concentrated titanium oxide masterbatches for polyester This is a titanium oxide masterbatches that uses our dispersion processing technology to highly disperse titanium oxide and improve reflectance, while at the same time suppressing resin deterioration due to the photocatalytic effect through surface treatment of titanium oxide particles.
Heat accumulation prevention masterbatches This is masterbatches that uses unique dispersion and compounding technology to reduce the rate of heat accumulation in molded products.
laser marking masterbatches masterbatches that can be printed on plastic molded products with a laser.
リオクリン®-Z(洗浄剤マスターバッチ) 樹脂成形機用洗浄剤「リオクリン®-Z」は扱いやすいペレット形状で、ほとんどの熱可塑性樹脂に対応します。特にオレフィン系樹脂には抜群の洗浄効果を発揮します。


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