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liquid masterbatches

Liquid masterbatches is plastic colorants in which pigments and additives are dispersed in a liquid dispersion medium. Because it is liquid, it has good distribution properties (even coloring can be achieved) even at low additive amounts of 1% or less, and is excellent for coloring light colors and transparent colors, contributing to cost reduction, inventory reduction, and retention of physical properties.
TOYOCOLOR offers liquid masterbatches in a wide variety of colors that meet the standards of the Polyolefin Hygiene Council (POPL: PET resin) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Target resin PET, PET-G, PC, etc.
Addition amount (ratio to resin) ~1.0%
Recommended molding method Extrusion molding, injection molding, etc.

Features of our products

Feature 1: No shot variation or color unevenness, stable quality

Even with an addition amount of 1/20 of that of a solid masterbatches, stable coloring is achieved with no variation or color unevenness.

Comparison of shot-to-shot variation and color unevenness of injection molded plates (5 shots)

Feature 2: Can be colored evenly even at low additive amounts and maintains mechanical properties.

Since it can be colored with a lower additive amount than solid masterbatches, mechanical properties are also maintained.

IVretention rate (PETresin)

solid masterbatches liquid masterbatches
Addition amount (%) 5.0 0.1 0.25 0.5 0.75 1
IV retention rate (%) 89 100 99 98 95 94

*The value is the ratio (%) of the retention rate of PET resin alone

Various mechanical properties (PCresin)

solid masterbatches liquid masterbatches
Various mechanical properties PC natural 3.3% 0.1% 0.5%
Tensile yield stress (MPa) 60.8 60.8 61.0 62.2
Tensile fracture stress (MPa) 71.0 73.1 70.7 71.9
Bending strength (MPa) 101.0 103.6 101.3 103.0
Flexural modulus (MPa) 2318 2319 2319 2341
Charpy impact strength (kJ/m2) 64.8 64.2 65.3 64.0
Load deflection temperature (℃) 127.6 126.4 125.6 124.3

*Data are actual measured values and are not guaranteed values.

Feature 3: Maintains large particle shape and produces high brightness

It maintains a large particle size and expresses the high brightness inherent to pearls, which cannot be achieved with solid masterbatches.

Pearl pigments liquid masterbatches

Pearl pigments solid masterbatches (x100)
Average particle size = 69μm, maximum particle size = 108μm

Pearl pigments liquid masterbatches (x100)
Average particle size = 107μm, maximum particle size = 178μm

*Data are actual measured values and are not guaranteed values.

Example of use

PC injection molding plate

Blow molded PET bottle (0.2% addition)


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