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Water-based resin

We have been working on the water based conversion of synthetic resins for more than half a century, and developing a variety of products.
The environmentally friendly acrylic emulsion TOCRYL™ is used in various fields such as paints, textiles, paper processing, and adhesives. TIGHTSILANE™, a concrete protection material with water-based silane resin, also has a lot of achievements.
In addition, our functional resins have unique characteristics and are used in high-performance fields such as semiconductors and automobiles. 
Both water-based resins and functional resins can be customized in various ways according to your application.

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Acrylic emulsion

Acrylic water-based resin and functional resin products that meet various needs with our customization.
Environmentally friendly products that use water instead of organic solvents.

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Product series

Water absorption prevention material

Concrete structures are subject to premature deterioration due to a variety of factors, and this has become a social problem.
The majority of deterioration is caused by water intrusion into concrete, and preventing water intrusion leads to improved durability of concrete.
TIGHTSILANE™ series is the first water-based material that prevents deterioration due to water absorption in concrete.

Product series


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