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Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.

Apology for system failure and notice of recovery

TOYO INK SC Holdings (President and Representative Director Satoru Takashima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) experienced a system equipment failure on February 18, which disrupted various group-wide operations. We sincerely apologize again for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

  1. Events that occurred and the process leading up to recovery
    Due to a malfunction in the server equipment used in our online system that occurred on Saturday, February 18th, the sales management system and production management system were not functioning. On the 24th (Friday), the main business systems for sales and production functions resumed operation one after another while checking, and as of today, the 27th (Monday), all sales management systems, production management systems, etc. have been restored and are operating normally. I am. Please note that the cause of the recent outage is not due to a cyber attack, and there is no possibility of customer information being leaked.
  2. Impact on customers
    Order processing and production operations, which had been delayed, are now functioning normally. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that our customers are not inconvenienced in the future.
  3. Measures to prevent recurrence
    We will implement technical responses and countermeasures for problems with server equipment, and take fundamental measures to prevent such problems from occurring in the future. Furthermore, we will work to prevent recurrence by rebuilding system BCP measures that assume various risks and reviewing contingency plans to minimize damage.



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