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Highly designed screen ink that expresses the five senses through screen printing

artience group provides total solutions from ink to printing. Maximize the possibilities of screen printing, which is rich in design.

High design screen ink
Dear designers.
If you have any questions about screen printing, please contact TOYO INK.
TOYO INK offers a diverse lineup of screen printing inks. In addition, TOYO FPP, Group Companies is capable of printing from screen prototypes to mass production, and can provide total support from ink to printing.
"I want to print on this kind of place," "I want to produce this kind of color," "I want to achieve this kind of texture." TOYO INK 's screen printing realizes the creativity of designers through the collective strength of artience group.
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Printing example

01 I want to be particular about the etching feel

FD LIOTONE Series Ink Printing Case Pictures
FD LIOTONE Series Inks
This is a UV-curable screen ink that allows you to create special etching-like uneven patterns using only screen printing instead of the traditional etching printing method. Its unique texture and three-dimensional appearance add new aesthetic appeal and design to printed matter.
Learn more about FD LIOTONE series inks

02 I want a raised texture and three-dimensional effect

Printing example photo of raised varnish
raised varnish
This is a screen ink that gives design features such as ``texture'' and ``three-dimensionality'' to prints by applying thick UV screen printing to offset/gravure prints. It has the industry's highest level of ultra-low yellowing.
Click here for details on the heaping varnish

03 I want to hide it, I want to scratch it

SS Lottery F Silver printing example photo
SS Lottery F Silver
A high-hidden silver ink for scratch drawings. It has the highest level of concealment and smooth removability in the industry.
Click here for details on SS Lottery F Silver

Understanding screen printing from scratch

An image of the screen printing plate-making and printing mechanism
What is screen printing?
Screen printing uses a printing plate called a stencil. The printing plates (plates for printing) use screens (gauge), so they are called "screen printing," "silk screen printing," and "silk printing (because the stencils are made of silk)." . This is a printing method in which printing inks is placed on a screen plate and pushed out with a squeegee, allowing the ink to pass through only the exposed areas of the mesh and being transferred (printed) onto the substrate.
Printing example photos of foaming effect, thick hardening, and phosphorescence effect by screen printing
01. Firing effect 02. Thick build-up effect 03. Luminous effect 04. Thick build-up effect
What you can do with screen printing
A major strength of screen printing is that it allows printing on curved surfaces, which is difficult with other printing methods. Moreover, it can be applied to all kinds of materials, so much so that it is said that it can print on anything other than water and air. You can also print with thicker layers of ink. This allows for a wide range of expressions, such as mixing glitter into the ink. It can be used with a wide variety of inks and is a printing method with excellent design quality.
Additionally, screen printing can print on most materials, materials, and shapes, regardless of size. Posters, signboards, POP, displays, flags, signs, toys, stationery, bags, T-shirts, cosmetic containers, lacquerware, ceramics, glass, stickers, name plates, instrument memories, printed circuits, thick film ICs, liquid crystal displays, etc. , if you count them up, there is no end. With just one idea from designers, possibilities expand even further.
What is screen ink?


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