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Flexo Inks

Flexo printing exhibits high printing reproducibility even on materials with poor smoothness such as cardboard, film, and cloth, as well as stretchable materials.
Our company offers flexo inks such as solvent ink types, UV-curable inks types, and water-based ink types. water-based based inks have been praised for their high environmental friendliness and are used in packaging for household goods.

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flexo printing solutions

Product Lineup

classification Type Application example Product name Applicable raw material example Characteristics
For general-purpose laminate Water-based General laminated packaging AQUA LIONA ™ Treated OPP General-purpose laminating water-based ink. The 2-liquid specification supports boiling and retorting. When printing, it is diluted with water alone and is treated as a non-hazardous material under the Fire Service Act.
Treated PET
Treated NY
For film front printing Water-based General film packaging TW034AQ Treated OPP water-based ink for surface printing of treated polyolefin films. When printing, it is diluted with water alone and is treated as a non-hazardous material under the Fire Service Act. When using this product, we recommend an overcoat varnish configuration.
Solvent-based paper diaper
Exterior body
FB King
Treated PE Surface printing ink for treated polyethylene film. High gloss, good process effect, suitable for shopping bags, sanitary exteriors, etc.
Water-based paper diaper AQUADURAN stretchable PE water-based surface printing ink for paper diaper back sheets. It has water-based and alkali resistance, is suitable for high-speed printing, and has good workability, ensuring high productivity.
paper ink Water-based paper packaging AQUA™ PK Bio
thin paper water-based ink for paper. It has excellent coating properties and is suitable for wrapping paper, square bottom bags, etc. The ink is highly concentrated and is odor- and hygiene-friendly, reducing residual solvents in packaging materials and VOC emissions during the manufacturing process.
Water-based paper cup AQUACUP ™ cup paper water-based ink for polyethylene laminated paper containers. It has heat resistance and alcohol resistance, making it suitable for cold cup applications.

★: Biomass ink


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