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Coatings for metal products

TOYOCHEM Functional Metal Coating Agent "Finishes™" is applied to the inner and outer surfaces of steel cans and aluminum cans for the purpose of protecting the contents of various beverages, foods, medicines, etc., as well as the surface of cans from scratches. In particular, it is a high-performance product that fully considers the safety and health of contents and the protection of flavor at the product quality design stage, and we also have a lineup of environmentally friendly water-based paints and paints that do not contain bisphenol A (BPA-NI paints). Various metals such as aluminum, steel, and copper are given functionality such as scratch resistance, workability, corrosion resistance, and insulation.


Product Summary

Metal coating applications

beverage cans

beverage cans
exterior paint

We have a diverse lineup, including clear varnish with retort resistance, matte varnish that enhances design, and high hardness varnish specialized in wear resistance. We can also make proposals tailored to your usage conditions, such as products that use new resins to reduce misting during painting and improve transportability.

interior paint

In addition to conventional epoxy products, we have established the quality of environmentally friendly BPA-NI paints. We can make proposals that meet customer needs, such as providing retort resistance similar to the outer surface, optimizing spray suitability by controlling fluidity, and customizing coating film hardness to provide high workability so that it can be applied to bottle cans. is.

Lid material

Beverage can lid SOT lid
SOT exterior paint

Our coil paint for lids is a water-based based paint and can reduce VOC. By controlling the rheology of the paint, it is designed to be suitable for high-speed painting.
It has excellent scratch resistance and high workability, and has a proven track record with a wide range of customers.

SOT internal paint

It has content resistance, adhesion to substrates, and processability, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including acidic drinks, retort drinks, and beer. In addition, we have a large number of resin types, including BPA-NI paint, and are able to propose coating film performance that meets customer needs.

food cans

food cans
exterior paint
Both acrylic and polyester base coats and top coats are available. It maintains high gloss even with wet ink and UV-curable inks, and has high performance properties such as high-temperature retort resistance and resistance to transportation scratches. We have also started the development of UV paint and LED paint, and are pursuing decoration by combining them with metal decorating inks.
milk powder can
interior paint
In addition to conventional epoxy resins, we also have bisphenol A-reduced paints and BPA-NI paints. It can accommodate a wide variety of contents. We also have a variety of coating colors: clear, gold, white, and silver.


exterior paint
interior paint
We have BPA-NI paint. It enables high adhesion with PE and PP liner materials. In particular, it is possible to design a paint that has good opening torque after retorting.

General can

General can
exterior paint

We have a wide selection of resins such as polyester, acrylic, and epoxy ester that can be baked at low temperatures in consideration of environmental issues.

Recently, we have commercialized UV paints and started developing LED paints, and are pursuing unprecedented decorations by combining them with metal decorating inks.

interior paint

For general can applications, we have resin types tailored to the application, such as high processability, high gloss, and color coating.

monoblock tube

Spray can
exterior paint
We have a lineup of paints that are compatible with various container shapes and decorations for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, deodorants, etc. In particular, the finishing varnish is a hybrid type that has the hardness of acrylic and the flexibility of polyester, and has been well received.
interior paint
In addition to protecting the contents, pharmaceutical products require high levels of safety and hygiene. We supply paints that have been trusted for a long time and meet safety standards.

industrial materials

Drums, gallon cans, pails
exterior paint

Industrial materials play a role in protecting containers from outdoor storage, damage from chemicals, and frequent transportation. Designed with a variety of resin systems in mind for customer ease of use.

interior paint

The inner surface paint for drums has maintained a high market share in Japan and has been adapted to various types of contents. As with pails and 5-gallon cans, our extensive database of contents has earned us trust.

special functionality

Outdoor unit/aluminum fin
Anti-corrosion, weather resistant

Utilizing the technology of can coatings it is used to prevent corrosion of metals, add design features through coloring, and has recently been used in vehicle license plates and building materials.

Adding water-based

Special water-based acrylic paints have a long track record as fin materials for heat exchangers such as outdoor units of air conditioners.

Scratch resistance

The coating film formation technology is utilized as a protective coating for metal surfaces used under harsh conditions. An example is a protective paint for steel straps.


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