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Sustainability Management

Basic approach

The medium-term management plan "SIC-II", which started in 2021, aims to become "a lifestyle and culture creation company that contributes to a new era," and has three policies: (1) strengthening business profitability, and (2) creating priority development areas. We aim to increase corporate value by increasing the value of management resources (transforming the corporate structure) toward sustainable growth.

In recent years, awareness of sustainability, such as efforts to respond to climate change, carbon neutrality, and SDGs, has increased worldwide. In order to proceed with corporate activities from a medium- to long-term perspective while responding flexibly to changes in society, we aim to: (1) ensure that all products and services we provide contribute to sustainability; and (2) ensure that the environmental impact of manufacturing, including carbon neutrality, is minimized. In January 2022, we formulated the sustainability vision "ASV2050/2030," which envisions the following three points: (3) being a company that can reliably contribute to improving the sustainability of society.

Throughout our history of more than 120 years since our founding, our group has continued to provide the value demanded by customers and society by leveraging our unique core technologies. Our group's sustainable management goal is to continue to be a company of choice, continue to provide products and services that customers and society desire, and fulfill our supply responsibilities through business continuity. We will promote sustainable management by implementing the management strategy under the medium-term management plan "SIC-II" and steadily implementing the important issues (materiality) and ASV2050/2030 that lies beyond it.

Sustainability vision “asv2050/2030”

Since our founding, artience group, as a manufacturing company, has created and provided value to customers and the consumers beyond them through products and services, coexisting with society and earning the trust of our stakeholders. We have prioritized fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
We are a global corporate group whose main business is chemical manufacturing, and we are reaffirming that we have the potential to have a major impact on society and the environment, and we strive to build good relationships with all stakeholders. I believe we must continue and improve. To this end, we recognize that constantly analyzing and evaluating our own activities and practicing balanced management from the perspectives of people, society, the environment, and the economy are important issues in fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities. To do.
artience group will continue to grow itself sustainably through fair business activities, contribute to improving the sustainability of society through all initiatives as a corporate group, and strive for management that leads to the realization of a future where all people can live enriched lives.

  • Providing “value” through products and services
    As a social contribution based on our core business, we provide products and services that improve the value that resonates with the senses of people's lives, improve social sustainability, and contribute to environmental conservation and restoration. We provide value that leads to a future where all people can live enriched lives.
  • Business activities in pursuit of sincerity
    We conduct fair and appropriate business transactions throughout the value chain, from raw material procurement to product sales, and strive to conduct business with integrity. Through these activities, we earn healthy profits and return them to shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Thorough compliance
    We not only comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, but also respect international codes of conduct and local social norms, and make decisions and take actions based on a high level of reason, conscience, and ethics. We do not tolerate any corrupt practices that damage our integrity or credibility as a company.
  • Respect for human rights and diversity throughout the supply chain
    We respect the human rights and diversity of all people involved in our business activities, and strive to eliminate human rights violations and negative impacts on human rights. We do not tolerate child labor, forced labor, unfair labor practices, discrimination, or harassment throughout our supply chain.
  • Initiatives to address global environmental issues
    We recognize that preserving and restoring the global and local natural environments is our top priority as a chemical manufacturer, and we strive to reduce the environmental impact of all our business activities. We also strive to maintain and improve people's safety and health through appropriate chemical substance management.
  • Creating a comfortable and self-actualizing work environment
    We provide opportunities for growth and challenge so that each employee can maximize their independence and abilities. At the same time, we will work to continuously improve the work environment so that all people working in our group can carry out their work safely and healthily.
  • Active communication and information disclosure
    We will disclose information about our group in a timely and fair manner and strive to improve management transparency. In addition, we will actively communicate with the various stakeholders surrounding us, strive to build and develop relationships of trust, and coexist with society.
  • Enhancing corporate governance through continuous reform
    We will continue to constantly reform and verify management resources and risk management, and build and maintain effective corporate governance. We will strive for resilient corporate management that flexibly adapts to changes in the business environment and contributes to the sustainable growth of the Group.

Established on April 18, 2005
Revised on January 1, 2024 (Resolved at Board of Directors on December 8, 2023)

Promotion system

The Chief Executive Officer is the President and Representative Director and Group CEO, and the Executive Officer is the Sustainability Chairperson. Directors). The Sustainability Committee formulates, promotes, evaluates, and follows up on the Group's sustainability activities, and regularlyThe Group Management Committee and the Board of Directors report to management and receive instructions on how to respond as necessary.

In fiscal 2022, we held the Sustainability Conference (company-wide meeting) held in September every year to share the progress of sustainability activities and activity policies, and after the meeting, we conducted training for officers and department heads (participants other than officers and department heads can participate) with the aim of deepening their understanding of diversity.

In July 2023, we established the ESG Promotion Office as a dedicated department to promote ESG activities.

Sustainability promotion system (FY2023/Updated in July 2023)

Sustainability promotion system (FY2023/Updated in July 2023)