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Human Resources Management

Basic approach

Our group's Corporate Philosophy is `` People-oriented management.''
In order to leverage the Group's strengths and contribute to society, we create a workplace where diverse human resources can maximize their individual abilities and work with satisfaction, regardless of gender, nationality, age, or disability. We aim to create. We also respect the diverse values and career aspirations of our employees, and strive to develop human resources who are willing to take on new challenges and who can perform high-quality work.
In 2015, we established the Human Resources Policy, which systematizes the basic policies for human resources strategy. We are deploying various human resources measures throughout the group based on our human resources policy. (The personnel policy is written in both Japanese and English.)

Personnel system policy

By sharing the company's vision and strategy with all employees and linking it to the awareness and actions of each individual, we aim for the company and its employees to develop and grow together permanently. We set and carry out work based on the idea of "roles" and promote human resource development and career development. By evaluating and treating their results fairly, we aim to increase employee motivation and create a system and culture that continues to produce new results. We have established three basic policies for our human resources system: (1) sharing a vision and strategy, (2) promoting human resource development and career development, and (3) achieving fair evaluation and treatment.

Human resource development policy

The basis of our development system is to create an environment that supports the self-realization of each employee. To this end, we will establish a foundation for the growth of our employees and promote measures through the three pillars of education, training, and transfers through work within the workplace.

  • Education through on-the-job training (OJT = On the Job Training)
    The pillar of our development is education through practical work in the workplace, and we systematically promote medium- to long-term development, expanding the scope of work in which we are responsible and aiming to become multi-skilled.
  • Training/self-development (OFF-JT = Off the Job Training)
    Through TOYO INK Vocational School* and external training, we provide opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills and solve problems to supplement on-the-job training in the workplace. We also provide self-development support for employees who want to improve their abilities.
  • Transfer
    By expanding your work area through transfers, you will be able to improve your knowledge and skills and become more versatile. Position transfers as a means of development and implement them in a planned manner led by the company.
    At the same time, we will promote transfers while respecting the wishes of employees.
    *Our group's unique education system aimed at human resource development and corporate culture reform.

Human resources and labor management policy

We will work in accordance with three policies in order to create a workplace environment in which the company and each employee work together to promote the further development of the company and the improvement of employee motivation.

  • Setting effective work rules for company development
    We set effective work regulations as the basic rules for working in the workplace, and the content of these regulations also adapts to changes in business practices and labor laws in each country. When changing the content, we will use the opportunity of labor-management communication to discuss the content, explain the reason for the change, and ensure that the content is well known.
  • Build and maintain good labor-management relations through regular labor-management communication.
    Labor and management work together to share management issues and build and maintain good labor-management relations based on mutual trust and cooperation, in order to develop the company and improve employee workplace satisfaction. We hold safety conferences and safety awareness activities on a regular basis, with both parties recognizing the importance of addressing safety issues.
  • Establishing a labor management system from both legal compliance and labor risk prevention
    In addition to complying with labor-related laws and regulations in each country, we will establish a labor management system with a preventive attitude to avoid labor risks. In particular, if we find any deficiencies in working hours management, employment management, personal information protection, or mental health measures, we will urge them to make improvements.

Welfare policy

We will create an environment where each employee can work with peace of mind and lead a fulfilling life. We will operate in accordance with three policies regarding welfare benefits.

  • Creating an environment where you can work in good physical and mental health
    Health management at a company not only contributes to the happiness of the employees themselves, but also to maintaining and improving labor productivity. Recognizing that this is a major management issue, we will conduct our activities in accordance with the health promotion declaration below.

[Toyo Ink Group Health Promotion Declaration]

  1. As part of our People-oriented management, we strive to improve the quality of communication and create an environment conducive to healthy work.
  2. As leaders of a lifestyle and culture creation company, we recognize that our own health is fundamental to fully demonstrating our potential, and we proactively work to promote health and prevent disease.
  3. As members of society, we will participate in the promotion of mental and physical health, including with our families, and strive to expand that circle.
  • Promote work-life balance
    We provide flexible working conditions so that employees can maintain a good work-life balance, allowing them to balance work and private life, allowing them to live long lives with peace of mind.
    We will create an environment where employees can work for a long period of time.
  • Achieve cost efficiency by leveraging the group's economies of scale
    We understand market levels and costs in fields such as medical insurance, and work to optimize costs by leveraging economies of scale across the group.

Promotion system

Human Resources Department takes the lead in promoting human resource management based on the Human Resources Policy, which systematizes the basic policies for human resources strategy. In addition, we are working to develop human resources by implementing measures and coordinating with each base in Japan and overseas, taking into account the labor laws and practices of each region and country.

Human resources management promotion system (FY2023)
Human resources management promotion system diagram

The ideal state of human resource management

Corporate Philosophy is People-oriented management, and our group's most important management resource is our employees. Based on the three pillars for employee growth established in our human resources policy, diverse human resources work on their respective missions and support the group's value creation. We aim to provide sustainable value by allowing each employee to maximize their abilities and grow together with the company.

Building a system for long-term career development

We provide practical opportunities for future careers in order to empathize with our management philosophy and embody the kind of employee we expect.
We will provide this information and develop a system for its development.

Fostering a culture where diverse human resources can thrive

Based on the idea that we can provide new value to the world by working hard together and combining knowledge and technology, we will create a culture where diverse human resources can thrive.

Creating a workplace environment where you can work with peace of mind

Based on the belief that a safe working environment and the health of our employees are of the utmost importance, we will continue to improve the working environment so that each and every employee can work with peace of mind.

Employment and labor practices

Risk management related to labor issues

Our group (in Japan) disseminates information to employees with the aim of complying with labor-related laws, and also operates a management council where the labor union and the company conduct discussions to improve work styles.
In addition, in order to manage and monitor risks related to employees' work, we encourage employees to take annual paid leave, monitor working hours, and work to prevent overwork. In fiscal 2022, there were 0 cases of violations of the Labor Standards Act in Japan.

Dissemination of policies regarding labor standards

Our human resources and labor management policy includes three points: establishing work rules, building labor-management relations, complying with laws and regulations, and preventing labor risks. Our human resources policy (written in both Japanese and English) is posted on the Global Human Resources Network website, which aims to standardize management operations at each group company, and is available for reference at all times. In Japan, we have also established a human resources information site to disseminate information on personnel regulations, personnel systems, employee benefits, and other matters.
Regardless of whether they are domestic or overseas, each group company conducts appropriate labor management and strives to ensure that the policy is fully understood by all employees.

Fair evaluation and treatment

Our group respects and evaluates actions that lead to the group's results and performance. Wages should be simple, consisting mainly of base salary and bonuses, and benefits should be complementary and consistent with business practices in each country. In order to return a portion of the profits to employees when the company's performance improves, we are building a compensation system that is based on the performance of each employee and reviewing it through consultation with employee (union member) representatives. I am.

Optimization of working hours

We comply with the laws and regulations regarding working hours in each country and manage working hours by applying work styles that are appropriate to employment conditions and work content. In the event that working hours are temporarily increased, we will take into account the health and work-life balance of our employees as much as possible, and manage labor within legally permissible limits that have been discussed and agreed upon by labor and management in advance. .

Labor-management consultation

Management meetings are held at least twice a year with employee (union member) representatives and company representatives to discuss issues that need to be resolved by labor and management.In addition, we provide timely opportunities for labor-management consultations depending on individual issues. I am. In addition, regarding revisions to personnel systems, we provide as many opportunities as possible for mutual proposals and opinions, such as by holding discussions at the secretariat level in advance.

Human resource development


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