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fair dealing

Basic approach

Our Business Conduct Standards stipulate that we will firmly maintain fair and free competition, and we promote corporate activities that comply with the laws and regulations regarding fair competition and fair trade in each country and region.


Complying with antitrust laws

Every year, we hold an antitrust law seminar for all employees involved in sales activities. Additionally, we distribute an Antimonopoly Law Compliance Manual to all employees to ensure that they are familiar with the Antimonopoly Law. Furthermore, we have implemented internal rules that require prior application for contact with other companies in the same industry, and have created a system to prevent acts that could lead to a cartel. There were no violations of antitrust laws in fiscal 2022 as well.

Compliance with the Subcontract Act

To ensure thorough compliance with the Subcontract Act, we continue to hold subcontract law seminars for all employees involved in subcontract transactions.

Preventing insider trading

The ``Business Conduct Standards'' clearly state that insider trading is prohibited, and prohibits insider trading based on non-public material information obtained through business.

Response to anti-social forces

In our "Business Conduct Standards," we clearly state that we do not have any relationships with anti-social forces or organizations, and we ensure that we do not have any relationships with anti-social forces and respond resolutely. To do.