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Promoting diversity and inclusion

Basic approach

Our group has established a "Policy on Diversity and Human Rights" in its human resources policy, and regards diversity and inclusion (D&I) as one of the important issues to be addressed.
We strive to respect diverse values, thoughts, and ideas, regardless of gender, nationality, age, or disability, and aim to create a workplace where employees can find fulfillment in their work.
Additionally, based on the "Guidelines for Deepening and Supporting LGBT Understanding" established in 2020, we are working to promote understanding of LGBTQ+ and SOGI.

We consider skin color, place of birth, race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, social status, age, religion, creed, ideology, political affiliation, education, disability status, marital status, labor union membership, etc. Regardless of membership, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc., we make the following commitments in order to live together with people around the world for a long time and create new value for people around the world so that they can live prosperous lives.

  • respect human rights
    We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, actively promote human rights awareness, and take actions to eliminate all forms of harassment. We also respect individual privacy and manage information carefully and strictly.
  • Comply with the labor laws of each country
    We do not use irrational reasons that are not directly related to our work as criteria for hiring, and we do not dismiss employees based on irrational reasons. Furthermore, we will never engage in forced labor or child labor.
  • Respect the diversity of human resources
    Without being bound by past successes or existing methods, we will create an organization where each employee can feel motivated to work by respecting diverse human resources without discrimination. We will also conduct business activities that respect the culture and values of each country and region.

Promotion system

artience Co., Ltd.'s Human Resources Department has been taking the initiative, but in September 2021, we launched a diversity promotion project and promoted the initiative with cross-departmental members. From January 2023, we will establish D&I Promotion Office under Human Resources Department as the organization that will take over the project, and we will proceed with activities under a new structure.

D&I promotion system (FY2023)
D&I promotion system diagram

*The D&I Promotion Committee is scheduled to start working from the second half of 2023.


Diversity education and awareness activities

In fiscal 2022, as part of our diversity promotion project, we held CEO roundtable discussions and held training sessions based on rank and theme.
Additionally, we reported on project activities and shared information within the group at the company-wide meeting (sustainability meeting) held every year.

Understanding and responding to LGBTQ (SOGI)

A partnership system will be introduced in June 2022, and internal systems and benefits related to condolence, childcare/nursing care, transfers, and overseas assignments, which were previously only applicable to legal spouses, will be extended to common-law marriages and same-sex partners. Did.
In September, we held a seminar entitled "LGBTQ and Ally - Let's start by knowing the truth", where we watched videos to learn about basic knowledge about LGBTQ and the situation in Japan regarding LGBTQ, and held a talk session. Participants of the training said, ``I hope that activities like this training, which provide ``first things to know'' and ``an opportunity to think,'' are the first step, and that many people can learn about them.'' ``This training is... The training received a great response, with comments such as ``It was very good and I want as many people as possible to learn about it'' and ``It was a rare opportunity to see such training in recent years, when stereotypes and preconceptions have been largely removed.''
Furthermore, we established a work group with allies as ``people who understand all differences and stand by our side,'' and we were recruiting ALLY supporters. In the future, we will carry out awareness-raising activities by disseminating information and expanding the circle of support for ALLY.
In recognition of these activities, in November 2022, we were certified as "Gold" in the PRIDE Index, which is an indicator of initiatives for sexual minorities in the workplace.


  • Holding a “CEO Roundtable”
  • Implementation of “unconscious bias training”

Promoting diverse activities

Promoting active participation of women

In our medium-term management plan "SIC-II," we have set a goal to increase the percentage of female managers (domestic) from 4% in fiscal 2020 to 8% by January 2024, and we are proceeding with initiatives.
In FY2022, we will hold a CEO roundtable discussion in June to analyze the shortcomings in activities based on the Nadeshiko brand feedback sheet and provide opinions on two points: "governance and promotion system" and "ratio of women in management positions." We made an exchange. In September, we invite an external lecturer to give a lecture on ``biological and medical differences in the health of men and women'' for executives and department heads.
We also introduced a team system in the organizational hierarchy. By creating early management opportunities in small units, we will strengthen the management capabilities of the entire group.

Promoting the active participation of seniors

With the aim of ensuring that each employee continues to fulfill their role in a society where people are active throughout their lives, from September 2018, we have extended the retirement age for full-time employees in Japan from 63 to 65. As measures to support career development, we are also working on career education that will lead to continued job satisfaction, creating a work environment that is considerate of seniors, and promoting health.

Promotion of active participation of people with disabilities

We started hiring people with intellectual disabilities in 2019, and the domestic employment rate for people with disabilities is 2.6% in fiscal 2022. Main duties include mail delivery, digitization of documents, data entry, disinfection of common spaces such as conference rooms, replenishment of disinfectant and disinfectant sheets on each floor, creation of business cards, and shipping of products requested by Group Companies and other departments. We perform a wide variety of tasks, including delivery, illustrations, and digital signage creation.
In addition, we regularly conduct work training for students from special needs schools, and are working toward realizing long-term employment for people with disabilities.

Promoting the success of foreign nationals

In Japan, our foreign employees (approximately 30 people) are active in various departments, leveraging their language skills and global sensibilities.

Consideration of local religion

Our group is promoting global expansion with consideration for local religions. In Islamic countries, we are working to obtain Halal certification and provide packaged products that comply with Islamic dietary regulations. Additionally, we have set up a prayer area called Musholla within the factory for Muslims, in preparation for the fasting month (Ramadan).
PT. TOYO INK INDONESIA (Indonesia) respects Indonesian culture and built a mosque (chapel) as part of its welfare program. The mosque is also open to employees of nearby companies and local residents.

childcare support

Nursing care support