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Environmentally Friendly Products / Utilization of Life Cycle Assessment

Basic approach

We believe that it is important to reduce the environmental impact of products in order to preserve the environment, and have been working from an early stage to provide environmentally-friendly products and services. In addition, we aim to reduce the environmental impact not only at the manufacturing stage of a product, but also throughout the entire life cycle, including raw material procurement, production, use, disposal, and recycling, and are promoting manufacturing using LCA (life cycle assessment).
In January 2022, we formulated our sustainability vision "ASV2050/2030," renaming conventional environmentally-friendly products to "environmental value" that aims to realize a society that coexists with the environment, and thereby creating a comfortable, healthy, and safe society. We have redefined it as a ``sustainability-contributing product'' by adding the standard of ``life value,'' which aims to achieve ``sustainability.'' In the future, we will continue to expand our products and services with ``environmental value'' and ``lifestyle value.''

Targets and achievements


Goals for material issues (material issue 2)

Goals in asv2050/2030


In fiscal 2022, sales of environmentally-friendly products were 105 billion yen (up 8% from the previous year), and the sales composition of environmentally-friendly products was 62.4% (down 2.0 points from the previous year). As sales of all products increased, the percentage of sales of environmentally-friendly products decreased slightly, but the sales composition of products such as laminating adhesives and UV-curable inks increased.

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
environmentally-friendly products
Sales (billion yen)
948 951 949 970 1,050
environmentally-friendly products
Sales composition ratio (%)
60.4 62.6 66.0 64.4 62.4

Scope of calculation: A total of five domestic companies: core operating companies (TOYOCOLOR Co., Ltd., TOYOCHEM, Ltd., Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.) and affiliated companies (TOYO VISUAL SOLUTIONS, Ltd., Toyo-Morton, Ltd.)

  • From 2018 to 2020, there were a total of six companies, including Toyo Adre Co., Ltd., but in 2021, TOYOCHEM Adre Co., Ltd. will be absorbed by Toyo Adre Co., Ltd. and will undergo management integration.

Utilization of LCA

Our group continues to conduct LCA (life cycle assessment) of our products in order to visualize the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycles, including raw material procurement, production, use, disposal, and recycling. In addition to publicizing the information, we use it to develop products with less environmental impact. In recent years, in response to increasing demands for disclosure of GHG emissions from Europe and various industries, we have been formulating rules and systems for disclosing GHG emissions as part of our decarbonization promotion activities. When developing new products, we disclose environmental information to help reduce environmental impact not only at the product manufacturing stage, but also throughout the supply chain, including during customer use and disposal.