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Social Contribution Activities

Basic approach

Our group strives to fulfill our social responsibilities by understanding the basic way of thinking as a citizen, valuing the perspective of a consumer, and considering the impact and effect of each individual's actions on society. This is the basic principle of coexistence with society. Based on these basic principles, all employees are made aware of how each employee should behave.

  • Contributing to society through business
    In addition to contributing to society through our business, we actively participate in social activities, being aware of our role as a "good corporate citizen" that constitutes society.
  • Fostering a corporate culture that values social contribution activities
    In order to foster a corporate culture that values social contribution activities, we will conduct support activities that utilize the know-how we have cultivated through our business, and actively encourage and support employee volunteer activities.

Promotion system

Based on our basic policy for social contribution activities, the general affairs and administration departments at each site take the lead in promoting activities. In Japan, we have established a volunteer leave system to support employee volunteer activities, and artience Co., Ltd.'s Human Resources Department is promoting this initiative.
In addition, donations to NPOs, NGOs, disaster recovery support, etc. are made based on appropriate judgment based on internal regulations.


``Next generation education'' such as social experience classes and factory tours to get students interested in chemistry; ``environmental conservation'' through tree planting and local cleanup activities; cooperation and support for local communities; By continuing to engage in three areas of ``local contribution,'' activities aimed at resolving issues in the local community, we will fulfill our social responsibilities as a member of the community in which we conduct business activities, and strive for coexistence and co-prosperity.
In fiscal 2022, various events and activities were canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but by taking thorough infection control measures and devising activities, we carried out social contribution activities in response to the prolonged coronavirus pandemic.


  • Introduction of volunteer leave system
  • Collection and recycling of used clear holders