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Water Resource Management

Basic approach

Recognizing that water resources are an important natural capital, our group reduces water usage and wastewater volume, reduces the impact of wastewater on the environment and living things, and understands water risks that affect business continuity. We are working to reduce risks. In January 2022, we formulated ASV2050/2030 and set long-term environmental goals regarding water use. To achieve this goal, we will reduce water usage by thoroughly implementing circulating cooling, reusing and recycling products after use, and developing production processes that do not require water.

Targets and achievements


Goals in asv2050/2030


Our group has been working to reduce water usage for some time, such as thorough circulating cooling and using groundwater as cooling water and then as process water (for reactions, cleaning, etc.). Domestic water usage in fiscal 2022 will be 2.861 million m 3 (down 5% from the previous year), of which 94% will come from groundwater. Additionally, water usage by overseas affiliates was 1.996 million m3, a decrease from the previous year.

Trends in water usage
Trends in water usage

Scope of calculation: Domestic major manufacturing facilities/factories and domestic affiliated companies, overseas: major overseas production affiliated companies


  • Prevention of water pollution
  • Water risk assessment and response