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Health and Productivity Management

Basic approach

Based on our Corporate Philosophy of "People-oriented management," we believe that each employee is an asset to the company, and that it is important to create an environment where these human resources can make the most of their potential. I am. To this end, we are promoting ``creating a workplace environment where employees can work in good health'' through initiatives for employee health, including health promotion, disease prevention, and mental health care.

In order for artience group (hereinafter referred to as "our group") to grow sustainably and contribute to improving the sustainability of society, "employees" are the most important management resource (capital) of our group. It is essential to create a system and work environment that allows each employee to be healthy both physically and mentally and to demonstrate their full potential. To this end, we will realize health management for the entire group by sharing awareness of health at each stage of management, the workplace, and individual employees, building and operating appropriate systems, and implementing appropriate measures.
In addition, by promoting our group's medical and healthcare business and growing and developing it as one of the group's core businesses, we will contribute to the healthy lives of all people in society.
Based on this basic philosophy, we have established the "Basic Policy on Health and Productivity Management" (hereinafter referred to as the "Basic Policy") and declare the direction of our group's health and productivity management.

Health management declaration
  1. As part of our health management practices, we strive to improve the quality of internal communication and create an environment where employees can work in good physical and mental health.
  2. We are aware that health is fundamental to fully demonstrating our abilities, and we will proactively work to promote health and prevent disease.
  3. As members of the local community, we actively participate in promoting mental and physical health, including for our families, and strive to expand our circle.
  4. As a member of a corporate group that contributes to improving the sustainability of society, we support people's healthy lives through our medical and healthcare businesses.
About the scope of application of this basic policy

This basic policy applies to our group's officers, advisors, and employees (including direct employees such as contract employees and part-time employees) and their families. Therefore, all companies and organizations that make up our group will work toward realizing health management.

Regarding revision, abolition, and management of this basic policy

The amendment or abolition of this basic policy will be decided by Board of Directors of artience Co., Ltd.
In addition, the department in charge of amending or abolishing this basic policy will be the department that oversees artience Co., Ltd. 's health management activities.

Established on April 13, 2009
Revised on January 1, 2024 (Resolved at Board of Directors on December 8, 2023)

Health management strategy map

Our group will implement the following measures and implement the PDCA cycle to address the issues we wish to resolve through health management.

Health management strategy map

Promotion system

Our group's health management is systematically promoted through the following system.

Health management promotion system (FY2023)
Health management promotion system diagram

Targets and achievements



index 2020 results 2021 results 2022 results Target value Statistics
(within Japan)
2025年 2030年
lifestyle-related diseases obesity risk
Percentage with BMI 25 or above
29.0% 27.8% 28.2% 22.3% 21.3% 26.3%※1
high blood pressure risk
Percentage of systolic blood pressure 140 mmHg or higher or diastolic blood pressure 90 mmHg or higher
12.4% 11.1% 9.6% 10.1% 9.7% 17.9%※2
diabetes risk
Rate of fasting blood glucose 110 mg/dL or higher or HbA1c 6.0% or higher
10.9% 11.3% 11.2% 9.5% 9.1% 12.1%※2
lipid risk
Percentage of neutral fat 200mg/dL or more, HDL 39mg/dL or less or 120mg/dL or more, LDL 140mg/dL or more
33.0% 30.8% 30.2% 35.0% 31.0% 33.3%※2
Family (Dependents aged 35 and over)
Specific medical examination participation rate
77.3% 81.2% 81.9% 88.0% 95.0% 43.1%※3
cancer Gynecological (breast cancer, uterine cancer) examination attendance rate 77.4% 79.5% 81.9% 80.0% 82.5% Breast cancer: 47.4%
Uterine cancer: 43.7% *4
work life balance Average number of paid vacation days taken per year 11.0 days 11.5 days 12.5 days 13.0 days 14.0 days 11.3 days *5

* Since the target was set, (1) the average age of employees has increased due to the extension of the retirement age, and (2) significant changes in lifestyle habits have occurred due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Therefore, we plan to change the target value and develop measures in line with the current situation. I am.
*1 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 2018 National Health and Nutrition Survey
*2 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 2020 periodic health checkup results report
*3 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare regarding the implementation status of specific health examinations and specific health guidance in 2020 [Summary]
*4 Overview of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's 2019 National Health and Lifestyle Basic Survey
*5 Overview of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s 2021 Comprehensive Survey on Working Conditions

Health management investment amount


2019 2020 2021 2022
103 101 125 122

※ 内訳:健康診断・予防接種(70百万円)、社内診療所運営(49百万円)、睡眠改善施策(3百万円)、ウォーキングイベントなどの健康施策への投資額









  • ストレスチェック50人未満の事業所も含めた国内全事業所で実施しており、受検率は2021年度が93.0%、2022年度が90.9%でした。
  • セルフマネジメントのEラーニング(セルフケア学習):新入社員向けに提供しており、受講率は2021年度が98.0%2022年度が96.0%でした。
  • 社内相談員制度:社内外の専門カウンセラーが事業所の相談室に赴き、社員の悩みなどについて相談を受ける制度です。相談室は独立した機関として運営されています。










※ 複数の学協会からなる「健康な食事・食環境」コンソーシアムが運営、審査、認証を行っている。

Internal health survey results

We have been conducting employee surveys since fiscal 2022 with the aim of understanding the current situation and elucidating the relationship between health, presenteeism, and engagement.

index 2022 results 2023 results
Productivity inhibition rate due to presenteeism *1 11.7 10.5
Specific details of presenteeism *2 1. 睡眠課題(16.1%)
2. 腰痛(12.3%)
3. 肩こり(11.3%)
1. 睡眠課題(11.5%)
2. 腰痛(10.1%)
3. 肩こり(7.9%)
Percentage of employees with high work engagement *3 63.7% 60.7%
Percentage of employees with high satisfaction with health measures *4 87.6%

※ アンケート対象者は、2022年度が3,037名(うち、回答数2,226名)、2023年度が2,989名(うち、回答数2,063名)です。
※1 何らかの疾病や症状を抱えながら出勤し、業務遂行能力や生産性が低下している状態。WHO-HPQの設問をベースに、健康課題による生産性低下が占める割合を独自で確認した結果の合成指標により算出。
※2 社内アンケート回答者に占める具体的事由の割合。上位3テーマを抜粋。
※3 社内アンケート内の以下3指標を基に算出(2023年度調査のポジティブ回答割合)。「知人などに自社を勧めたいかどうか(48.6%)」、「モチベーション高く仕事をしているかどうか(65.8%)」、「仕事の満足度(67.8%)」。
※4 2022年度は、自身の睡眠をモニタリングして改善活動を行う睡眠デザインプログラムを実施(120名)した結果の満足度。2023年度は、社員アンケートの結果をもとに施策を検討中。